What if every fictional creature fought each other at once?

Say we pit every fictional/mythical/mythological creature, elemental, species, and monster against each other, who would win?


I mean, we could include @liu and her elementals

There are some gods and beings that are so infinitely large and powerful that it comes down to the one whos power is on the highest plane of existence


stalemate between every omnipotent being

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the ones who “peace out” through time

lovecraft would likely be the winner if not a good contester cause there is that one dude that if he wakes up all of us including the fictional characters here would just disappear without a trace leaving it to do whatever

but thats boring, and really any mythical creature that transcends galaxies and what not would easily be top contender cause what the heck are some planet bound creatures that can’t even escape their own solar system gonna do?

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Shadowthehedgehog998 on DeviantArt’s 16,578 omnipotent original ocs (do not steal) would win

(What I’m really saying is this is kinda a stupid question seeing as anyone can write fiction)

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well every plane of existance would easily crumble at once, there are some bullshit characters in fiction like straight up omniverse destroying gods that could erase everything in an infinitetly small amount of time and that is just getting started

some sort of lovecraftian thing

Ok but I just invented a guy who created all the Lovecraftian gods and can kill all of them just by thinking about them. He would win

His name is Derek the hedgehog


is he powerful enough to change that godawful shitty color palette tho?

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i feel like that wouldn’t work tbh

like yeah reality is azathoth’s dream, but i feel like other fictional universes would just carry on with living even if he did “wake up”, since writers of other fictional universes could just say that (X) doesn’t exist and leave it at that or have fictional universes just be completely unaffected since it’s really if the writer wants

Candy red and lime green are the prettiest :heart_eyes: :heart: :green_heart:
My eyeballs are intact

Azathoth: no… how can dthis be… your my dream…
Derek the Hedgehog: i guess the dream… has surprassed; the dreamer;
Azathoth explodes

l o l

if religions are included (respecftully) then i’d say the Christian God


God is a person tho

Humans are made in his image, but he isn’t himself human. Plus humans are still creatures by every qualification

if you mean person differently than human, fine, but i feel as though there would still be a tremendous amount of overlap between whatever qualifies God as a person and entities like, say, Cthulu

ye that’s what I mean