What If You Could Explode When You Die?

Just imagine how much use it would have in wars, you just send a hella lot of alts into a single captured island and kamikaze the heck out of the people who captured the island.

Not only that, considering we still have hover spells, we’ll have one of those bombing kamikaze types. Man, would want to see those in the game, not gonna lie, it’s going to be fun to watch.

That would be pretty cool

Ok… I didn’t think you were talking about the game at first


Oh lol, but man, seeing people fill up like a balloon and then popping to make an explosion while people run away somehow amuses me.

I thought this was irl and I was about to say some shit like “I’m going to crowded places during my life’s last moments”



spam “The Audacity.” while doing it

i was going to do like a really offensive joke

but it’s better off I don’t say.