How to post suggestions in #game-discussion

So you’ve got a great idea for the game, but you can’t post it in #suggestions because vetex closed the category.

A lesser mind might read the description of #game-discussion -
- and think “oh, I can post my idea here, because it is a discussion pertaining to the game and explicitly covered by the category description”.
Of course, the intellectuals among us realise that this is wrong, and they will close your post because it is in the wrong category, telling you to instead post in the category that it’s impossible to post in.

But you still want to discuss your idea!
Fear not, there is a foolproof workaround to thwart those pesky moderators.

Step 1: Write your suggestion

So obviously the first step to posting a suggestion in #game-discussion is to have a suggestion in the first place.

As an example, here’s one of the top suggestions:


Obviously, this can’t be posted in #game-discussion, because it is a suggestion and so doesn’t fall under “all discussions pertaining to the game including (but not limited to) […] ideas”.
Fortunately, this can be solved!

Step 2: Change the title

The title of the post (“Rework Knockback into Amplification”) is of course, not suitable for #game-discussion. In order to make the post not a suggestion and instead a discussion, we need to carefully consider a more appropriate title. Let’s look at some examples:
What If Shadow Magic Was More Realistic?
Do you think whales should be added to AO?
What If You Could Explode When You Die?

Now, we can take our research into account, and make carefully considered changes to our title to suit the category:

What if Rework Knockback into Amplification

Now that the title is ready, we can move onto the next step.

Step 3: Rework the post

It goes without saying that changing a post to fit a different category will involve lots of revisions, rewording, and hard work.

To begin, copy the post into a powerful editing tool like Notepad. Then press Ctrl+H, and type the following into the two boxes:
Next, press the “Replace All” button.

Finally, copy the text back into the forum, and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Heres our final result:

Game Discussion

Step 4:

As with everything I write, this guide is flawless and there are no possible improvements that can be made.
If you erroneously have any feedback or ways I can improve the guide, you should let me know in #suggestions .



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Good thing I read this, now I will won’t close posts that use this kind of workaround lol

Otherwise :policeman:

Which one person wanted to see someone explode

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necro tho

Just give the post a like


Encouraging users to ‘abuse’ a ‘loophole’ to post suggestions in #game-discussion