What if you could make your own “Grand Curses?

Prometheus made the Grand Fire Curses to each represent an aspect of fire (scorch for explosiveness, inferno for heat, aethereal for brightness, etc.). With that, what would you do if you could make your own “Grand Curses?” What element and colors would they be, and what aspects of the element would they embody?

grand ash curses

grand ahh curses

Grand Apocalypse Curse

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grand storm/wind curse
you can throw people very, very, very far.

Grand Ice Curse so I can create another ice age

a very overpowered curse: antimatter curse (it might be a kamikaze as you might die when you use it, you could easily blow up the entire planet with just a single blast)

Grand magma curses

  • Molten curse — focused on magma’s density (a slow, heavy magic with a long-lasting DoT, high impact damage and very good clashrates)

  • Igneous curse — focused on magma’s heat (has a short, high DoT that does slightly less damage with each tick)

  • Eruption curse — focused on volcano’s explosiveness (high destruction and impact damage. Instead of trailing puddles its attacks explode on impact and leave a cluster of puddles)

  • Volcano curse — focused on volcanic zones (relatively low-average damage, but creates many large puddles and ash clouds)

  • Hephaestus’ Forge, which is the equivalent of Promethean flame.

If they were ranked in order of strength, it would probably go Hephaestus >> Eruption > Igneous > Volcano > Molten >>> Magma

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grand mud curses
(actual answer is grand acid curses)

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grand mud curses