What is the best magic for farming exiled for drops?

self explanatory
I’ve heard magma is good but i don’t like using it.


bleed stacking magics are by far the best for boss drop farming. If youre good with gold then go gold, if not then iron, if not then paper. Glass is good too but it has the same flaw that ash, poison, acid etc have, being:

ash clouds dont register as “your dmg” iirc which means that ash cloud dmg will lower your drop chances

oh rip ive been farming with ash all this time

it shouldnt decrease it by that much since its only 19 dmg and both bosses dont really stay in place for long but ye thats a rip

as long as you dont kill the boss via clouds your drop chances will stay the same

this and poison

idk if what i said was correct either, that was why i said iirc. But if what youre saying is the case then phew. Would have been a big flaw if puddle/cloud/debris magics.

poison is good too ye

yeah because ive noticed when he dies from clouds it doesnt say you killed it

but that really isnt hard evidence since that could also mean that clouds dont count as “your dmg” like i said which would in turn decrease your drop chances no matter if you killed him with or without clouds

would need a tester’s confirmation or better yet, vetex’s to confirm what either of us has said

ig so, you just gotta make sure the clouds dont get the final blow

both of you are wrong for the most part, the drop chances base off of whether or not you did the actual damage, so as long as you werent entirely using clouds to kill him, nothing happens to your drop chances (to my knowledge)

idk for sure, some tester will probs spill the beans

Acid’s good

drop chances depend on the % of dmg you have dealt yourself. If clouds dont count as your dmg then that would mean that clouds decrease your drop chances. Like aizwrath said all we know is that if you kill exiled using clouds it wont count as your kill. But other than that we dont know whether or not clouds affect drop chances since i dont think testers nor vetex have ever confirmed so.

tho It would be most logical that clouds dont count as your dmg which would lower your drop chances

I don’t think it works that way. If the poison user summons a cloud from THEIR attack, it damages enemies. If the player stands inside the cloud, they don’t take damage, but if a fire/plasma user comes and ignites the cloud, the poison user starts taking damage, and the fire/plasma user doesn’t. Putting all this together, that means cloud ownership is a thing, and hurting enemies with clouds most likely counts as the user’s damage.

thing is, if thats the case then why doesnt the exiled’s or any npc’s death message say that they were killed by (insert player’s name) spell/cloud? Like i said it doesnt make sense which is why im gonna ask meta rn

or player :innocent:


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