What is the most cursed image from the forums?


that pfp you got there
caused quite the drama a year and a half ago

Ill go first
Screenshot (201)
@zephyr wife

The image itself isn’t cursed but with context it is also, why did you ping zephyr then say wife, that doesn’t provide context unless you meant Zephry’s wife in that case it would make sense.

Yea im not sure if you could put an s at the end of a ping
Yep it doesnt work

You can. Edit it. :>


Well i still dont really like using apostrophes sooo eh

Why does this have to be the name of my main file.

Also this is basically just the Arcane Oddities thread.

Do we have a picture of cursebeard or durza somewhere here?

probably your pfp

you left out the worst part where apparently Zephyr got her pregnant???

I’d prefer if he really stuck to the gag and used some image editor to make her a belly balloon since that would make it way more cursed but whatever it’s still cursed

the image of MC Captain Bella Graves will always scare me


Bella Graves, Iris in that one pose, Femtex, Minotaur x Exiled, I mean the list goes on