What is your favorite lost magic and why

I’ll begin. mine is gravity magic, i go full sans mode

slash, i’ll be going for a sword-sage type conjurer build

man im pretty sure this question has been asked 10 times now lol correct me if im wrong

anyways i have no idea, whatever gives the best buffs to whatever magics i have at that time

they aren’t released yet

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they aren’t released yet so how would we know but I’d say Gravity simply because every other lost magic just seems like an upgraded base magic imo

Don’t you dare mention it


X2 but is dead,so I’ll use blizzard,frosmetal or sound(gravity not because I’ll have pressure)


Light + Water = Meta

frostmetal is incredibly ridiculous and i fucking love it

Thematically Sound because I get to do the signature yet often glanced over Thunder and Lightning combo. The burst of air that we hear as thunder is strong in itself, able to knock people far distances or deal serious damage to objects.

As an idea probably Slash, the concept of razor winds sounds unique and deadly. Slash incorporates the finesse nature of both wind and blades, combining them into one dangerous magic with an oddly graceful feel.

On its own then probably Aether Lightning because the destructive side of lightning is an amazing and overlooked aspect, and green is a fittingly intense yet interestingly rare color for lightning.

Mud. It’s going to work wonders as a support magic, forcing enemies to stay in the air and waste stamina, lest they be an easy target for heavy-hitting magics while slowed in a puddle of mud.

Aether or Frostmetal, because lightning is cool and cuz its an interesting mix

storm and blizzard just couse i think storms are cool :))

It was originally between Inferno and Reflector, but rn my favourite should be Wave, being able to drain your opponent’s magic energy sounds really cool, and it’d also become an annoyance for your opponent because they’d need to constantly worry about charging their magic.

Oof, that one is pretty good

A Wave user and a Mud user walk into a bar…

Whoever the hell was in that bar isn’t gunna be having any fun.


Flare and reflector

bc my internet is shit, so i can rely on AOE and not dodging

phoenix because it sounds cool

poison lightning because i remember fighting exploding and winning

it was legit scary

so I can fling people and fuck with the game physics