What is your Favorite Magic?

M’y question before was what is the best Magic. Now it’s waht is your Favorite Magic, this can also include non-realeased magics but only if they are officialy annouced.


I’ll give my top 4 or 5

First: Magma. Have always loved the element magma since I first saw it in Avatar legends of korra.

After that, Sun. It’s just so badass, the epitome of fire magic

Following that, Fire. Basically just a weaker sun or lighter magma

Fourth is probably Ash. Mostly only cause it’s volcanic ash.

Fifth is probably Pressure, cause it reminds me of reiatsu crush from bleach.

What’s Legend of Korean and Bleach ?

Avatar: Legend of Korra is the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s a cartoon series where people can manipulate the elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Air) and one special person can use all four elements.

An anime about death gods with swords

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Fire 1

Lightning 2

Blaze 3

Blizzard 4

Acid 5

1: Sun magic. You’re throwing supernovas at people, what’s not to love?
2: Explosion magic. You’re throwing nuclear weapons at people, what’s not to love?

  1. crystal, been using it since release, like how its one of the faster solid magics

  2. magma, because trigno :weary:

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  1. crystal: choosing magics for how cool they look > how good they are

  2. life: if you can affect nature with this magic (I assume it’ll be more than just healing since it’s a primordial) im paying my entire inventory to get it

  3. poison: hahaha funny cover the entirety of Summerhold in toxic gas

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Magma, Crystal, Fire, Lightning, Acid.
Acid pales a bit in terms of sound and effects, but I’m hopeful that vetex will fix that with the whole magic makeover.

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Plasma for looks and explosion for stats

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Magma: I mean it’s Magma, almost every media makes it look cool
Ash: Funni cover the battlefield in ash
Explosion: Nuke
Healing: No reason to have 5 offensive magics so might as well heal my teammates
Apocalypse Bringer: It just sounds so cool and enviroment changing

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Mine are Shadow, Light, Darkness, Aether and Équinoxe

Light is the best magic of all time! :light_magic_var2:

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Paper, but if we don’t include removed magics it would be wood

All of my files have my favorite magics so ill say what are the magics
Plasma: It sounded cool and looked cool so i choosed it
Wind: Simply sounded fun to use and the spell names were cool material
Explosion: Simply because of my bad rep file but now that i think of it, it looks really good
Acid: Purple acid seemed funky to me so i choosed it (also the visual revamp is pog :poggerfish: )
Glass: Aside from wanting to blast people’s ears, it seemed funny to control GLASS
Ash: Sounds cool, seems cool, that’s it
Wood: Birch variation is my favorite variation after rose gold and no one uses wood so i wanted to make a small exception
Ice: I have seen NO PEOPLE using ice, but the sfx is good tbh



Poison > Gamma (Nova) > Wind (Warm) > Paper (scroll) > Acid

Snow, theres something about it thats so peaceful yet it can be so harmful