What is your ideal weather condition?

This can range from anything, whether it be blistering hot weather, extremely cold and freezing temperatures or sunny days with a cool breeze. Whatever you like. If you’ve only ever felt one type of weather condition, you can put that down too.

Sunny no breeze but like 20-30 celsius perfect weather for outdoor sports

@The_elment this is a good chance for you to discover what the outside is like

it reaches 48-50 degrees CELSIUS on a daily basis here, yeah haha im not spending more than 20 minutes under the blazing sun

Nah bro just get an ice pack also bro u live in hell hows it that hot

heatwave yesterday, a lot colder today

bro im not a pc thats not how it works

i dropped my album a few days ago so

U drake?

nahhhhhhhhhh aint no way you calling drake heat bro i should whoop your ass for that

U a pc wuth an n at the start

the same guy whos a kobe fan and thinks drake is heat btw

prime drake was heat dont say nun

Im right tho like there are over 7 billion people at least some one is an npc

prime drake was decent and that shit was years ago dawg, all mf does now is be a certified boy lover and drop love songs

U aint wrong tbh but put some respevt on his name he still can drop heat sometimes

snow’s my favourite that i’ve experienced, but i’ve seen pictures of freezing rain aftermaths and they looks really pretty, not sure how enjoyable it is tho

i smear shit on his name dawg whatchu mean heat sometimes nah every drake fan be listening to his shit like this

Have u listened to the album

ive listened to snippets and its sooo boooooring



J clocked this but bro u a whole smoothie wit ur fruitiness

Elment you hate drake sure, but what about post malone?