What magic do you think is the most BRUTAL to get hit by?

I personally think glass or metal is the most brutal to get hit by

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Acid
  • Magma
  • Wood
  • Crystal
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if you think there is another magic that is real brutal but not on the list say so

Heavy explosive cannonballs

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Metal to me is like the most hot hard magic for me, i feel that impact irl bro

Getting hit by anyone of these would deal pretty much the same damage. The real question is: which one is the coolest to get hit with :sunglasses:

plasma, it’s the hottest

I think sand is an honorable mention here.

The sandy status effect implies that literally every sand attack hit goes directly in the target’s eyes.


good point


You should all know why.

Paper magic because it gives you paper cuts

I dont care if its removed but it still is a ouch


paper magic mixed with casting speed was cracked


crystal leaves a crystal wedged through your chest. glass everywhere is just pain, and then you step on it and it feels like legos but worst

Also, Crystal accumulates and literally shatters while wedged in there. Thats gotta hurt a lot


That zing of adrenaline every time I get cut by it on accident. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Poison. Its like you are being hit with mustard gas sometimes

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now add alcohol

wasn’t there a topic like this a couple months ago

I will personally scrape your knee and pour rubbing alcohol on it myself.

magma sticks to you and you fucking burn, plasma is instant