What random and useless skills do you have

I can make pixel art in google sheets

I can argue for hours on practically meaningless topics



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passion for sand

I can burp whenever

i can swallow medical tablets in a single gulp without any water


my skill is existing

definitely just doing nothing productive…

Random, for sure I have many. Usless though, such thing does not exist. Every single skill one has, along with every bit of knowledge and experince has at one point been, or is going to be proven quite useful, some way or another.

Some random ones though are:

The same that Dragon has, Extensive Arcane Universe lore knowledge, the ability to turn every single thing into a weapon somehow, and after I manage to murder someone, get easily rid of the body, (Which is actualy a pretty good conversation topic too, if you don’t want to put such abilities in action, except if that conversation is with your teachers at a lesson-free hour, or your crush… Yeah.) and being able to sleep for ridiculous amounts of time, no matter the circumstances.


  • drumming
  • baseless rant creation about random topics
  • fps shooting

being able to scroll for hours on deviantart without getting disgusted or having the urge to turn off the tab.

other than writing in cursive idk what else so maybe this

its possible for everyone


i can flip people off with my toes

I can somewhat read messy handwritings

Making useless things no one wants such as a 90 page thesis on why vetex should give me tester role(yes it’s real, but in development)

Can confirm from experience. Already said this but it’s honestly like trying to talk to Ben Shapiro on 10 Gigawatts of weed.

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idk if this is useless but im very good at breaking every piece of software on any computer

also very good at learning everything about a game while having 0 skill at it