What rare spells/techniques are you most interested/hoping will come as we progress through Nimbus?

All my homies hate weapon users
State your wish list, it can be as long or as short as you want.
The wish list can include the archived list of lost spells (we’ll treat them as Lost Spells as in the Trello Card, and not Lost Spells the tier of spells (Rare/Lost/Ancient Spells)).
Weapon users can just bring up a type of weapon they wanna see in Nimbus Sea. Maybe something like a Cloud/Wind magic imbued katana called Skysplitter that can launch large vertical slashes.
I’ll just leave the list here

My personal wish list revolves around Summon Elemental and Zone (or a variation of Zone) so I can ditch running my Shadow Warlock’s magic (Shadow) like everyone else.
I plan on making a Sukuna Build (Megumi Sukuna) and plan on using Shadow as my “10 Shadows” magic. With that being said, I think it’s pretty obvious what I am personally hoping for…
Summon Elementals and Zone, both of those are the main thing I am interested in. Although, I would like for there to be more variation or for the options for elementals/summon based magics to be plentiful. Nothing like in the actual anime of JJK with the dogs, totality, and what not. But at least varied options that let me differentiate my option choices beyond just summoning less or more minions.
Self-plug, I made a suggestion pertaining to just that, even if you don’t like the fact it’s somewhat JJK related (my reasoning for making it). At least look at the idea I had for summon choices (with that I could repeat the same spell to create summons for different situations).

Zone and strong blast tbh, we already got burst attack with javelin

elemental, magic arm and transformation
would be interesting to see how those would work in terms of balancing

meteor attack and explosive blast ftw

Meteor attack?!

Ayo… why does this remind me of a certain boss…


We already have Locking Blast (javelin) so…
100%, Strong Blast. That, and Burst Attack. Unless ofc Burst Attack and Locking Blast got combined into Javelin. In that case, then Explosive Blast for that sweet, sweet destructive fucking AoE without having to be an attack size piece of shit.

Meteor Spell and Domain Expansion

To everyone saying Meteor Attack, I just got a moment of realization that can be demonstrated with a gif.
Apocalypse Mage w/ Magma Magic
Maximum Meteor

Not gonna lie, most of these seem underwhelming. I would’ve chosen Locking Blast, but that’s Javelin now apparently. Burst Attack, I guess?

all of it

There is always the option of speculation, this was back in August so there could be more or less. Like I said, Summon Elementals is interesting, but I want more variants or versions of said spell. Specifically, I would like a few variations on that type of spell. So let’s say we have a low level rare spell, that summons the aforementioned elementals. Lost version of said spell lets us summon larger things, or provides us more solid/specific summons. A hypothetical Ancient one could let us temporarily conjure aspects of powerful creatures from Greek Mythology. Let’s say, conjure an elemental hydra’s head which unleash a powerful blast of raw magic, maybe a specific kind of magic albeit imbued with the magic used to summon it.

rare and lost spell variants would go crazy ngl and I doubt were just gonna have 28 lost spells lol there has to be more eventually

Alternatively, Attack Size Mage w/ Gravity Magic

transformation. i want my hair to light on fire because i wanna look like calvus’s 2nd phase

Magic arm would look sick esp with certain magics (Averill with his light arm), a permanent aura spell doesn’t sound too bad

Immense magic energy also cool af

summon elemental

immense charging sounds fun but can be troublesome tbh since you might argos unwanted NPcs

transformation, for obvious reason

zone would be fun with wind i think

explosive blast sounds fun ( i like nuking stuffs )

magic arm will be cool but the passive 1 insanity may or may not be worth it

Excited for the Transformation spell because I like Aura/Mode already alot, and the fact that there’s probably players who will cosplay as bosses or bosses of their own and say some generic line like “You haven’t seen the full extent of my power…” copy and pasted and use the Transformation spell lol.

Oh and summon elemental, I’ve always been fond and leaning towards being a summoner/necromancer when an RPG game allows it.

i hope the next warrior weapons wont be as broken as the sunken staff

Summon elemental so i can become the funny man from dmc

Μagic arm and meteor attack. Magma explosion mage gonna be fire