What song(s) do you listen to on Repeat?

I’ll go first
Youth, Fly Away, Abandon Ship.

Every ac4 shanty

I always put my playlist on shuffle, but this seems to always come on and I never skip it so close enough:

anything composed by dm dokuro

Hmm… Hypernova by musicman, Interstellar Isolation by musicman, Resilience by Nyx, Black Apple by Nyx (Not Bad Apple fyi), Overwrite by Nyx, several calamity mod tracks by DM Dokuro & CDMusic, several previously-AA-mod tracks by CDMusic & Universe and a couple cursed abominations from the dark side of the internet just to name a few

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any piece of music made by hypergryph for arknights is a banger

this album

this song

this album as well

this playlist I made

this song too

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“MC Virgins” :skull:

go on, whats wrong?

I think a better question would be what isn’t

hell yeah

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me & ur ghost by blackbear, talk by why dont we and talk by khalid lmao

i dont know

i know the lyrics by heart

i was bullied into using spotify by a friend of mine a bit earlier so ive been using that
shuffle yada yada you get the drill
heres my playlist if any of you want to use it ig