What the hell happened

ok so i was gone for like 5 hours and then apparently some raid happened please give me info becasus im too dumb to figure it out myself

I dont make idea
But i losed oppurtunity to ban some trust level 0

it started here and then they started spamming the same gif of a guy doing the sucky on a door knob on random topics. and then they made the “forumers are literal snowflakes” post, and then a markiplier post where it was katara with big boobas. and then that’s it i think. of course they started harassing others as well.


wonder why people so negative all the time. it’s not hard to not be so mean. i know this is internet and is cruel. and i know that was troll attempt. but it is very easy to have fun without resorting to calling others such nasty words

yeah I don’t understand why either