What weather do you absolutely hate? except it is opposite day

Tell me now coz I am bored

too sunny

sunny and hot, I hate it

uhhhh its hard to explain
like, sometimes is cold and sometimes is hot and well shit its a crazy weather

relatively sunny though not hot



The sun is a deadly laser

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floridian weather is unpredictable

It snowed last night, but all of it melted before noon, then it got sunny and hot. It’s currently raining, but it’s slowing down and starting to become sunny and hot again.

War Seas type weather.


humid and cloudy asf and yet theres not a drop of rain

It’s cool

at like night and I love it
In the day it’s too hot it burns me even staying in the house 24/7

Sometimes too hot sometimes too cool
Currently in raining season iirc

pretty normal

Mostly cloudy

its raining gold and trophies since i am always winning

i hope they cause you head trauma as metal bars drop from the sky /s

just write /s after the message to show that its sarcasm
youre losing /s

Heh, welcome to Project EDIT

roughly the same as it is now
why would anything actually change