What will be your magic combo?

So I’m curious about ya’ll Here my question
What will be your 3 basic magic?
What Lost magic and Primodial Magic you prefer ? :slightly_smiling_face:
And why you choose them?

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For now, I’m considering Light, Paper, Shadow, Aether, Lunar. This will likely change eventually though, I have yet to see lunar and it is possible there will be losts/primordials i end up liking more, and I am still unsure about Shadow third mind.

I picked Light because I had it in Arcane, and Aether I planned to get hence why I picked that too. Paper is fast and good damage, and also fun to use. Shadow is similar, though I haven’t tried that one. Lunar seems fun but again I have to see it before I actually choose it.

I’m gonna go Ink/Paper/???/Aether Lightning/???

Suggestions welcome

magma fire ash phoenix promethean fire B)

Im going Poison/Fire/Glass,Gravity,Arc of Order or Death Magic :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

Air, fire, water and if we ever get a 4th magic, earth :sunglasses:
im about to be the avatar boys

Rn I’m thinking Glass, Ice, Wind

idk about lost or primordial yet but healing sounds cool

Main slot:

Ice, ink, lightning.
Ice and ink for frozen, as we as to support my paper-wielding friends, and lightning for that extra damage on frozen.
Lost: Gravity. Going with the frozen theme, gravity seems reasonable to hold things down, possibly.
Primordial: Art of Infinity: Keeping with frozen theme, this seems like the best continuation of that.

2nd slot:
Light, wind, ice
Going for a pacifist theme, light matches aesthetic with blind, wind with KB, and ice to freeze with wind as support.
Lost: Healing
I’m a funny support. ‘Nuff said.
Primordial: Life Magic
Even funnier support.

Light, plasma, shadow, darkness, Art of infinity

Controlling both time and space :slightly_smiling_face:

You guys know that if a person is hit by light, getting hit by shadow afterwards reduces shadow dmg and vice versa.

yeah but choosing light should already tell you that i don’t care at all about the meta :man_shrugging:

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I am aware of this, and the intention I have is to either not use them together, or choose something other than Shadow.

Ice, Wind, Earth, Slash, Wave.

Shadow, poison, explosion and whatever I get my hands on tbh

Im thinking of going Plasma, Explosion, Fire, Phoenix and Promethean fire if I’m ever lucky enough to get that so i can be a person with only heat magics

it seems someone wants to be a heat based user too :fr:

I guess I’m going for Fire, Plasma, Magma, Inferno, Promethean Fire then

Plasma / Fire / Wood / Slash / ???

Im not a metamancer or anything, but I consistently use my sword’s great slash and all of these have damage benefits on each other

1st would probably be plasma / poison / lightning / some lost magic, I haven’t decided yet / and electron.

2nd slot will be ash / magma / explosion / flare / and promethean fire

3rd slot I’m thinking sand / gold / paper or glass / phoenix / and art of infinity