What would you give to a forumer you like or know

friendly post : D
ok gooby

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I want to give @Frostwing a pair of magic dnd dice. (always a nat 20 and grants good luck everywhere)

@Cryonical a never melting snowball (boosts ice attacks and protects against heatstroke)

and @Pyropunk and @Cryopunk 2 extremely lightweight RPGS with infinite ammo and automatic fire. (:smiling_imp: )

bro lives on the forums smh

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mf you act like WoM magic pvp is the greatest thing ever stfu


a present

fr actually agreed

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what are the choices in your life that lead you to this point, the questioning of who and what you are, what if you have a purpose or are an expendable pawn who wont have a reasoning, trapped in an endless wall of blockades. when anger is turned into betrayal, through sadness leading towards despair and lonliness, not fearing your imagination, but fearing reality. the hardships you and everybody you knew had to go through to get to this point, some living in luxury, some living to suffer to get you to this point, to in the end make you. which it could all be thrown away at your decision, or one fatal mess up, all of this happened, to make you, you are the product of natural selection.

and you choose to be a forum lurker

life works in mysterious ways

@Cerulean i would give him a pipe bomb :fu:

Bro gave me a snowball and gave cryopunk a rocket propelled grenade launcher with infinite ammunition :worried:


Clearly there is some cryo favoritism around here

sowwy just showa thwoughts~ :pleading_face:

you should take your new toy to the vegan furry convention and test it out (or just a furry convention in general)

I would give all the random cool people an emoji :fr:
I would give cryonical a cool emoji and his own Theos the Drip Phoenix :ice_magic_var2:
I would give the elment a dictionary for calling me a nerd (and also for not spelling element correctly).
I would make sure to send sandal something that cannot be used as a weapon.
I would send Ezia a book about some boring topic.
I would send vetex my life, soul and all my worldly possessions
Cryopunk gets another eyepatch.
Maple gets a leaf.
Shellseawing gets a book about dragons.
And that one guy who joined a couple days agoand started trying to be a moderator? He gets some grass to remind him to stay away from the Hellhole I mean forums.

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so nothing? :sob:

i would give all winter enjoyers a warm blanket

i would give all summer fans 2 things
the new name of watson
and a cinderblock

all of you deserve a premium membership to a psych ward

hey watson! cinder block!

not even related to what I said, ur literally on the forums 24/7 go touch some grass