What you think about life , love , work , universe

I know , real. i know. i just don’t care about it , because if someone lie to me , its nothing anymore , that mean nothing ,

I don’t see anything wrong with saying that because for me it doesn’t mean anything, I’ve always had a very strong psychological feeling about it. people will probably say that I look like a comedian because of all the jokes I make on this forum, but I literally wouldn’t mind seeing a dead body in front of me, what would panic do? , besides that’s why I chose to be a doctor I like to help and I don’t care about blood or anything.

If for you or someone that mean to much
I real don’t know how i can express my opinion.

you should see a therapist

I have a very strong psychology, that’s what I wanted to say.

I am too.

Belive me i don’t have any problam on my life , tell me , why i will care about tell something for someone ,

you speak as if I had spoken of something greater

I OBVIOUSLY know that there are things I can’t talk about like sex life etc , But the fact that I’ve seen a lot of lies in people in my life literally just means that nowadays I’m more experienced in knowing what people are like.

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I live in it

You probably met the wrong people.


Anyway, I’m kind of busy and I want to finish this subject soon.

I exaggerated perhaps, obviously it is impossible to meet only lying people in life, Ex my wife

life- whenever i can i

love-sleep in the bathroom

work-on the floor because

universe-It feels cool