What's everyone's beef with the balancing team?

I’ve heard alot of people complain about the balance team and their decisions but I don’t really keep up with patch notes outside of the most important stuff. Does anyone have a valid reason for why you think they aren’t doing their job right or whatever grievances you have.

P.S: (This is not a thread to hate and talk shit on members of the balance team, please be respectful)

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If I had to make a guess, I’d assume it would be all the harsh nerfs towards strength as a whole.

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thermo fist got done so dirty


While I admit thermo fist needed a nerf, the nerf it received resulted in it becoming unviable in both pve/pvp scenarios.

Their build got nerfed in update 1

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if they had a pulsar build it was deserved that shit HAD to go

whenever they nerf something they gut it and whenever they buff something it becomes meta


primarily pve players who rarely or never pvp getting upset over changes primarily focused on pvp

theres some other stuff but that honestly seems to be the majority of it

They keep swinging the pendulum back and forth, the overall balance of the game has gotten better, they just need to find the middle ground when buffing and nerfing stuff and not over due it. They don’t even need to mess with anymore stats as of rn! Vetex just has to fix fstyle cone system and heat is getting a better grace period so It can actually main tain heat(these are pretty much the only main points in balancing rn with exceptions for some things with surge, everything after that is unnecessary) . But rn here they go again GEEZUS they’re about to do it again! they’re going nerf explosion speed affinity to .85 which makes explosion alot slower and harder to use when they’re are magics that only have a little less size but hit harder and are significantly faster than explosion. They also want to nerf all slow magic spd affinities so this makes it harder to diversify builds even if u add a bunch a of atk spd while using a slow magic u won’t notice much actual difference as of now and adding this spd affinity change only makes it worst, which is terrible for gameplay, ur just forcing all slow magics to be pure aoe demons. The balance team over does it everytime usually there’s only a couple fixes like 2-3 needed and they manage to come out with a long ass document every update on why there needs to be 10-15 stat changes it’s ridiculous. The game is pretty close to overall balance rn, but the balance team is going to over do it again just watch.


I don’t have any “beef” w/ the Balance Team outside of some potentially questionable changes.

*cough* *cough* Light's reduced speed and size buff. /j

But i largely have a neutral but slightly favorable stance towards them.

Especially when i get directly or indirectly buffed too.


as a savant main i love it when my already dogshit class gets absolutely fucked in the ass repeatedly in every balance patch for no reason


I think the biggest problem is the lack of attention to casual players, and adding changes that will benefit the pvp community more. There’s also a lot of controversial pvp changes that just don’t fit right with everyone but continue to be added into the game. I’ve seen someone say it before, so these are not my original quotes, but I think they sum it up pretty well

“there is just too much of a gap between players who pve and players who pvp”.

“They are adding stuff that will make people want to invest into some stats only to nerf scaling again…”

And my personal opinion, by far the most unbalanced thing in the game right now is minmaxxing. I’ve tried leveling up a new file and it was horrible. Dodge reflex, Jewels, exotic enchants etc. Not to mention how old jewels and enchants are now made completely useless with the new dark sea exclusives.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I also heard Vetex takes no part in the balance talk himself. There’s just a lack of communication. Even though there are a bunch of channels in the balance server where people discuss balancing everyday, what changes really go through from what the community suggests?

That’s just my rant, idk if it reads well since I’m bad at wording myself. If you want to go keyboard warrior on me go ahead

or wait nevermind, you should go keyboard mage instead since warrior sucks ass :smiley:


wait what lmao no way

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having the lead designer of the game have absolutely 0 take on the balance of their own game is crazy im ngl.


I heard vetex just does not want to do balancing because he considers it that the slowest thing to do and would rather do new things.

Unless ofc the balancing team cooked something so fucking atrocious it will force vetex to act


I don’t remember if I got that from a trustworthy source but even if I did I still refuse to believe it

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Was to try and tackle imbues at the time, without affecting mages too much.

Which is why blast speed got increased by 10% when it was proposed in addition to this if u remember that.

Old changes in question:


But was - thankfully - undone as Vetex showed a way to mess around imbues w/o changing the stats of magic. Which apparently wasn’t known to be a thing that could be done. (Which is incredibly ironic in hindsight)

Which is what the Balance team continues to do to this day since:

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Before I drop my opinion here, let me remind you that I am a PvE demon with ~70pk over 350hours. While that is little, I have been playing since release and fought plenty of players (most of which i lost to).

Questionable release of things.
How did pulsar release incredibly broken? I am sure we all remember the unavoidable orb of death slowly moving towards you and hitting you from a mile away while the mf keeps spamming other spells. While it was unbearable, my question is, how did that go past the tester team? Did they not complain about its insane size? Were the water pulsar+lightning placed explosion combos weak? Because back on release when I fought a mage like that, I got folded without a chance, and I was Warrior with the infamous SoS+Saber TP combo.
When surge released, I (and probably everyone that ever fought a pulsar mage) got hit with such a dejavu back from pulsar that it is hard to explain it properly without saying literally the same things: how did it get past testers, and why do I just die from it without a chance?
I really don’t have much to say for vindicator, as I am pretty sure even testers couldn’t test the 2nd move so it just had 1 skill, which is trivially useless when you could spam tp with 3 weapons.


my beef is that we are way too low level for the display of power we can have, like come on we ain’t even 1/4 of the supposed max level but we can attack every inch on an island.

like AoE is definetly the biggest offender in that regard.


The balancing is a pendulum switching back and forth.
It’s hard to predict what the next meta will be, but I’d say probably Zerkers or AOE warlocks since selino has absurd aoe for it’s damage.

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