What's is your favorite "Future content"

I’m exactly the same, I still get my ass beat by calvus whenever I make a new file but new bosses are my most anticipated feature

PvE isn’t that bad as long as you’re not going against any high level bounty

fr, sparrow thrust skill from npc deal 400+ damage, and they can even spam them😭

Lost weapon skills maybe but wouldn’t the equivalent of “lost weapons” be legendary weapons?

  • Story
  • Jureserva
  • Player fleets (I hope we will get to fight the Fenrir using a player fleet)
  • Spirit weapons

Mini bosses, hoping to see some Exiled vs Minotaur stuff again

Still waiting for this stuff:

fighting styles and lost magics

the crystal ball and magic tomes are prolly gonna end up being spirit weapons

The azura knight side boss concept has a crystal ball blessed by Aether so we’ve already got (or hopefully going to get) one of those

That’s a spirit weapon, so it’s highly unlikely his introduction will bring back crystal balls

I’m also excited for future ships, especially cultural ones. I can’t wait to have a Redwake longboat for my Redwake file.

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aren’t those considered canceled now? I’m pretty sure that was intended for wom, not AO.

Yeah the page hasn’t been touched upon in a long while

im looking forward to lost magics especially frostmetal and phoenix

Oh, well damn.

I’d always thought they would just be extensions of the Arcanium Weapons update.

Y’know, as like a low-level alternative to them. Get similar spell-changing effects in combat, without the high level requirement that we see in currently available Arcanium gear sets.

I mean there are some people who still bug Vetex about Instrument Weapons (specifically JDFP). I think Vetex said something about it in the QNA but I’d have to find it. Just know that even if any of those became a feature, it wouldn’t be anytime soon lol

the kraken like boss i guess

Yeah Ik, definitely not the focus right now, and I wouldn’t want it to be. There’s much bigger things coming soon.

ship of the line with full blaze arcanium so i can full broadside jotunheim with a cursebeard volley