What's the edgiest thing you've heard/seen/felt?

Over the course of my entire roblox life, I’ve met a lot of edgy people.

What 'bout ye folks? Any edgy encounters?

“the world shall know pain”

that doesnt compare to

“he hehe he he heh you guys dont know my true power” and “nah bro im so f-ing high right now lmfaoooooo”

true they all are rly edgy


nah bitch you’re just a racist little shit who thinks they’re hot stuff.


“am wolf and has powers dont mess with me eyes glow red”

“I’M So bADasS”


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let me guess, the n word??

not nessecarily but yeah, just general racism and then playing it off as “noo dude i was just being edgy”

A lot of the comments on a semi-edgy music video were about people saying that they were psychopaths and how they want everyone else to suffer how they do.


I couldn’t fit all of the last comment in a single screenshot


Oh my goodness. The edge is unbearable hehe. But it seems that this is supposed to capture what goes on in the mind of a person who is a psychopath.

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The last one is actually satire but ya the first 4 are extremely edgy

the moment I came up with this username.

I can’t even describe how edgy ‘the mental image that inspired this username’ was

and for some reference, BNTarwarn used to be BlackNightTarwarn (Tarwarn = my irl nickname)

My eyes
my brain

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“My plans are too great for you to understand fool”

"Jack Alpha wolf has all powers super fast, strong and smart eyes glow red when angry half demon half angel half wolf half bear half eagle half lion half tiger gf is (random oder) dont touch my tail tsundere

“I am the reincarnation of death”

Single/16/Half Demon Half Wolf Half Princess/Don’t touch my tail :rage:/Eyes glow red when angry/Single Ready To Mingle :wink:/ Life is Pain

The world of magic