What's the weirdest thing you ever did when you were younger than 13


When I still was very innocent, didn’t hit puberty yet and had a squeaky and very girl like voice, I used to say very weird stuff to my friend on disc (mind you I was like 11 or 12)(also can’t do anything about it now hahahahaha) without knowing what they meant
Like when I saw my friend saying “STOP SAYING ITS ITS CRINGE AND WEIRED”
dunno why but when I heard that I wanted to bully him saying those stuff which he hated

And he blocked me after 3 days of continuous being weird
Amanda he

Btw the thing I said was “onii-chan”

Yes every time I remember it I just want to go back in time and torture that lil shit that is me

Kill me

Thankfully when I was young I didn’t (and still don’t) make much of my info public nor did I use a mic in games and stuff so I didn’t really get to say much weird or cringe stuff, though like 100% of the population I did say embarrassing stuff which still haunts me years after :sleeper:

I would draw some weird ass face when i was 9 or 10

Idfk play with beyblades maybe?

think drugs were bad

ain’t you the dude who started the hentai poll

I mean like I feel that not much has changed since then LMAO

it was when I was still innocent
didn’t know of anything like this

did it just to annoy him too

didn’t know what it meant untill late 2020

Too bad for you, I have a time machine.

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the first time I had a word web assignment in first grade i deadass filled it with spiderwebs thinking that’s what you had to do

as a child, i was about as bright as a fucking grave


Played rp games more than any other genre for a while despite not really speaking english
…So I was a cat half of the time
Spamming meow
Understanding people as much as a normal cat would


lol roleplay to the maximum

beyblades are fun
even if i dont have friend to play it with
watching it spin is fun

Raise your hand if you said a bunch of shit that sounds horrible now you’re older!


:raised_hand: :slight_smile:


I don’t think I have anything notable, except for my edgy phase which was extremely awful

beyblade was the shit but boy did I like it a bit too much as a kid