What's your favorite type of government

It can be real life or in video game

  • Monarchy
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Republic
  • Democratic Republic
  • Democracy
  • Synarchy
  • Anarchy
  • Theocracy
  • Autocracy
  • Dictatorship
  • Oligarchy
  • Aristocracy
  • Plutocracy
  • Communism
  • Other

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I love me a Totalitarianist government, really just ruin my chance at freedom

To dumb each one down for you

Democratic republic is like the US
democracy is just every other type of democracy
Republic is like Rome i think
Anarchy means no government
Communism is hell
Dictatorship obvious
Oligarchy is rule by the few
Absolute monarchy means the monarch has absolute control
Constitutional monarchy is like britain i think
Every other monarchy is other
Aristocracy means the rich who are fit to rule
Plutocracy is like a mixture of oligarchy and aristocracy
Theocracy is rule by religion or something
idk what synarchy is
Autocracy kinda like dictatorship i think

my absolute favorite is the monarchy in ankh-morpok if I spelt it right.

the way the “tyrant” rules over the city in such a funny way, not to mention the way vimes outright says he could easily rule the world, is just perfect imo

anarchy cause i’d either die and not have to care for anything anymore or i could kill other people which is an upside of it’s own

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truly the most unbiased take when every other system has a description and communism is just listed as “Hell”



it really is hell
nobody wins in communism
except for the state i guess

Tbf nobody wins in like half of the governments you listed

I like Theocracies in fiction and they are funny irl

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I Love Democracy | Know Your Meme

also if you put totalitarianism or dictatorships or stupid shit like that you better rethink your mlp roleplayer ass over.

I feel as though Democracies can work when there are small-scaled population sizes, but once a larger amount of people come into play, there needs to be representatives to represent their respective area’s viewpoints. Since the U.S. is a population of 300 Million+, we can’t just have everyone going to voting booths on a daily basis in order to see if you want a certain law enacted, it would all just be too much to handle. Not only that, but due to a large portion of people not understanding what certain laws say or do, they just get their information from other people, which is honestly a bad idea in of itself. If a population of people do not have a certain literacy level to understand laws, then it is the job of their representative, as well as people who are well informed in the matter, to help them better understand what is occurring.

matrioshka brain

all are bad

Communism mfs be like “Communism is great, it’s just that every country that adopted it did it wrong smh”


is my little pony a totalitarian government? i thought it was a show for little girls that was primarily watched by greasy men not a political statement

you are…joking, yeah?



in Minnesota?

yup. it was 2 years ago.

must’ve decayed by then, but still.