When you create a character in video games do you usually make them look like yourself?

Really depends on what mood I am in to be honest. My WoM characters don’t really look like me. I made some characters in the past that had similarities, but I never made one thar looked exactly like me.

I mostly don’t however I do love making them look drippy because IRL me can’t afford drip

only once or twice per game

There is no inbetween?

i usually make them how i want to look

unluckily in the game I can’t make myself completely naked

My main file in WoM, as well as my Mii on my 3DS are both based off of how I look like

i only try to make them look like my Archenhailor oc

honestly, this makes me really think of some patterns with my character customization in games

i either mess around with character’s customization until their appearance hits my “yeah thats a decent design” spot, or i copy an existing character’s appearance (it can be characters i designed/created myself beforehand, or it can be my favorite characters from other medias)