Where do you guys want to see yourself in the future?

This is just getting confusing for me i will-

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lemme hear it :ear::eyes:

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Isekaied :melting_face:

I wouldn’t mind with my current mentality, but unneeded attention is unnecessary .3.
(People don’t care as much as you think)

Probably in a lab, I like biology and chemistry, though unlike many, I’m not a fan of art and music, I prefer books, so probably a writer too. Working as a scientist would probably be fun, but as they say - “Your hobby is fun until it becomes your job”. I’ll see.

Alone in a shed painting and drawing whatever the fuck I want.

nobody wanna be in heaven with me :pleading_face:

Very much wanna write books, ive been doing worldbuilding for a long long time but my proper experience with writing stories is only about a year
Id probably mostly write fantasy but I have some sci-fi ideas too

youd stink it up

i want to make games and shit but i know i’m going to be a minimum wage fast food worker in the next 4-5 years

DAMN wesree you did not have to do him like that :sob:

i’m going into comp sci and might look into ai development bc that stuff interests me but i’m prob gonna end up under a bridge

im just real like that :joy: :pray:

Wait we will live to see future?

in debt from limbus company

Helping with AO production lmao (never gonna happen)

Wanted for mans laughter

dead in a ditch somewhere


(tbh i just wanna stay anonymous while doing art)