Which awakened skill type will you be going for (and why)?

I’m going to guess that most people are going for the melee attack. I’m going to be choosing melee as well. The reason I’m choosing melee is that it will be great to cancel someone’s attack and having them take damage instead. I feel like rush and breath attacks will be very easy to dodge/counter. What do you guys think?

  • Breath Attack - A large, continuous, and outwards expanding wave of your magic that constantly damages targets that are inside of it. Possible customizations could include duration, size, and range.
  • Rush Attack - The user rushes towards their mouse position using their magic in the form of a fist, kick, or a full-body rush. Works up to a limited distance.
  • Melee Attack - Create a custom melee attack by choosing start, middle, and end sequences for the attack. Using this, you can grab others out of their own attacks and become invulnerable while attacking them.

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I thought we’d be able to learn all of them lol


Wind breath. Time to blow unsuspecting bandits into the fourth dimension.

i don’t have any choice lol, unless that melee attack will count as magic

It will be magic

Yeah but I mean ima vote anyways

Melee attacks for a first because AR has shown me how fucking crazy they can be.
We’re talking unholy levels of stopping people dead in their tracks before beating them down.

melee so I can slap people

I have 3 character files melee for 2 of them and breath for 1

street fighter time

do we learn all or no

i think we do, i think that cosmos is asking which will be most meta

ok thank yous

No, I’m asking which one you will be going for. You can discuss what you think will be meta too, though. I’d say melee attacks most likely, but rush attacks could be used to punish very easily

Breath would have it’s uses with constant damage dealing.

Rush would be like an instant travel & hit move. Would be pretty useful.

And finally melee. So far it looks like the obvious choice.

Why would we need to “go” for one if we learn all of them?

We can’t learn all of them. We might be able to learn them on different magics but not on the same magic

Why only one type? Where’s that said?

Also, you can only use it in your first magic. It’s the only magic that can go Awakened.

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melle because AA

I read it somewhere on the Trello