Which of these is the better synergy?

I’m curious about which synergy between these two is better; Magma, explosion and ash or magma, fire and ash? I believe ash procs petrify on both explosion and fire, so I wanted to know if there are any determining factors that dictate which is better

Explosion or Fire?
  • Magma + explosion + ash
  • Magma + fire + ash

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explosion is just i dont need to aim magic

fire is just dot

you decide which is better

Magma Fire Ash for sure.

Both magma and fire buff each other 25% with each other’s DoT, and ash does more dmg to burning and petrifies while ash only petrifies charred targets. The amount of dmg layout with fire is much better than explosion.

On top of this i think magma is your big heavy magic, ash is your support magic, explosion would be another big support magic while fire can serve as a quicker dmg magic much easier.

That’s all i have to say about it

magma + fire + poison * death by dot >:)

I dont analyse synergies i just stated what they are as a solo magic

wiki says magma/fire/ash but take that with a microscopic speck of salt

Decided to go with the Fire synergy:

  • Fire and magma have higher synergy damage (both +25%) than explosion and magma (+20% and +10%)
  • Ash has higher synergy damage with fire (+20%) than it does with explosion (+10%)
  • Only thing Explosion has over Fire is that it does +40% against petrified targets. I don’t need that cause magma is already doing that for me.

Not to mention the other things that put fire above explosion as a solo magic for me, such as speed, looks, damage and DoT

Between these two synergies Fire clears explosion by a mile imo, only reason to go for explosion over fire is if you don’t wanna be a gross metamancer who only chooses magics cause of big damage synergy

tbh I was hoping fire was better since explosion is kinda ugly so this is a complete win for me

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fire seems nicer since you have burn DoT.

explosion is just laggy and big :stuck_out_tongue:

Crystal and metal ofc…

drop ash for poison… NOW

no poison worst magic

wont be saying that after i poison your water :man_shrugging:

I have a rule against using mid magics :troll:

triple dot your losing smh

A small price to pay for volcano theme because aesthetics >>>> stats (ironic to say considering the post)

sorry bro nothing you say matters anymore

yo’rue* dumbass

bro dont insult mid magics by comparing them to poison

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