Who would win in this fight?

  • Minotaur
  • King David Silver

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Probably Mino, who just hits people far more frequently and would have more health then KDS. Mino can destroy projectiles too. NPCs naturally move closer. This is how Exiled often loses to Minotaur. KDS has mad fire power though so who knows

kds is level 500
mino is 300

what could be the answer guys

KDS bc he flies and flying is cool

Levels don’t really matter cuz I’m pretty sure mino’s levels scale WAY harder (he gets much stronger from levels than kds) at least I think so :woman_shrugging:

WoM player would have 1,774 hp at level 280(mino level)

Mino has 3k hp, let’s assume his armor is hard and same as his level, then it would make up 2,278hp meaning mino scales 30% better

That is shit considering it means his strongest attack (kick thing) does 325 with all the strength(140 assuming level 280 armor and he hax) from mino armor while poison(the lowest impact magic) does 224.25 damage on impact and 444.25 damage overall at the same level with 0 power.

Information was gathered using magics/accessory calculator

Would mino even be level 300 after 10 people hit him I feel like it’d be higher, but honestly I haven’t fought bosses in such a long time I forgor the level gained per person :skull:

Ignoring game mechanics, here’s what Tech said about this exact topic in Spectre’s beta-canon lore encyclopedia:

Q: Who would win, The Minotaur or King David Silver?
A: King David Silver would annihilate Minotaur. David is a silver, he was trained from birth to be a proper king, that means cutting edge education, techniques, and the best battle training from The High King Rooks himself.

Again, this is beta-canon so who knows if it would’ve stayed the case. Though WoM is basically in non-canon limbo rn so whatever

lore-wise imo kds would still win despite this

Who cares about the lore versions, that’s boring.

I’m comparing to how they actually are in-game :troll:

lmao I haven’t played in months so game mechanics are beyond me, my only worthwhile knowledge is in lore :sob:

his level doesnt change if you hit him?? just his hp and dmg output
hp by 3000 and dmg by 10% each time someone hits him iirc

he would have a 100% damage increase and a total of 30000 hp.

yup 250 dmg axe throws and 600 dmg mino charges :pain:

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thats not even that bad, a couple months back I came across one with 60000

900 damage charge. how many times did you die trying to kill him?

get real, I fought a mino that had 128k with like 6 others

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oh yeah i remember that

at least 15

I was solo tho