Who would win, martin or the forumers?

  • martin, a legendary beast atlantean with 160k+ levels
  • forumers
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this is assuming that the forumers can only choose 1 save file

edit: ok seems like yall didnt get the gist, imagine a lag-free superserver and everyone got nasa-grade computers
edit2: alright so apparently it is 117k, not 160k

i think we got this

you wont even want to know what kind of things out-of-combat (artists) forumers can do to that thing


would it be everyone who has joined the forums ,everyone who is online,or literally everyone who has joined forums regardless of banned or not

if the bests in 1 server (I forgot the cap) we can

If so martin still wins

rb1 woud solo martin

I am going to tank all his attacks with my max resistance build!

Nah, we gonna hit him with every status effect in the game

it would be a draw, the amount of particles the fight would produce would crash the game

wrong, the servers would lose imagine a server that can perfectly load the game with 0 lag

i suppose the real who would win would be: your pc vs roblox servers

everyone who has joined the forums and has an arcane odyssey file

jokes on you, my pc is supposed to be used as a server!

If you mean us using our AO characters then. .

(The outlook doesn’t look too good. .)

1, ye AO characters
2, you can only choose 1 save file tho
3, why did you choose to fight that guy

potion builds bout to go crazy

Idk, ask the person who made the clip.


But tbf i likely would’ve booped Martin too, though with a lot more distance . .

Either way we’re all going to get absolutely rolled.


fortified II food + max defense build (or at least, as much defense possible) with 70% blocking power musgravite + ravenna war shield with that one enchant that increases blocking power + boxing blocking power + juggernaut 10% dmg reduction + ekrix dodge reflex + parry + gilded ironskin V elixir

Me and my perfect lightning 5 pots: