Who'd win in a fight between All For One and Durza?

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Durza. He Literally destroyed half a planet. Don’t care that Deku has friendship.

tHe PoWeR oF fRiEnDsHiP

By the way. The question should’ve been Durza v. Todoroki. Todoroki is much stronger then Deku will ever be. Deku is the protagonist that’s all.

I have not watched much mha so this is bias coming from me: durza

I’ve watched up to the arena battles. Not much further.

I watched until that part where all might was nerfed image, all for one didn’t really seem to be much hot shit compared to durza when I first saw it

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Durza almost destroyed the world lol, of course their gonna win

I mean, one for all might be better than All for one, so in that case.
Durza would win, not only that he has the absorption curse so both of their powers would be gone if Durza came in contact with them.

Not only that he destroyed half of the world and caused massive tsunamis, earthquakes, and many disasters for months/years which shows how much power Durza truly has.

Unlike All for one I don’t think he’ll be able to wipe half of the entire world so he technically will fail.

First of all deku is way stronger than todoroki rn and isnt the question talking about one for all ghe villain?

shush. Todoroki better.

no just no

Can’t OFA smashes generate air blasts, though? Fire is put out by air and OFA seems to be quite capable of breaking things much harder than ice.

Its Biased

Not exactly. All For One can steal quirks only, and quirks are noted to be physical functions, not magic. The Absorption Curse is only capable of stealing magic, and quirks are, again, not magic. Neither would be able to steal the other’s powers.

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Welp Durza would win anyway.

why dont they just add guns then half the villains would probably be gone unless they make everyone have storm trooper aim