Who's the nicest person you've met in AO

Level 50-100s, or people stuck on calvus… One time I helped 3 people and we valiantly beat the storyline and had a party!

@deronchepem or @playrrt or @speakableioy

They are my favorite people in the online world and mostly chill


i love you pookie

you too

you happen to be the nicest person ive met on the forums

congratulations on not being corrupted by the community

I very much appreciate that! The same can be said about you dark (At least from what ive seen!)

Well I’ve met a decent amount of nice people. I don’t remember them all, but I definetely can name a few encounters.


Dark and Shadow clan

First one is a person that randomly invited me to his clan, his name is Dark. His clan was the first one I ever joined, therefore he has a special place in my heart (the clan was called “Hell Shadows” btw). We met before the underwater update I think, it was a long time ago. A very chill guy to talk to. I remember how once pretty much everyone on the server became members of the clan. It was funny to see. I don’t think this guy plays anymore.

Later on I left Shadow clan to create another one with other people I met. It’s a lot people to name, but our clan is called “Order of The Pies” and has an insanity pie icon. The leader is the person who is also called Dark lol.

Story of another Dark and Order of the Insanity Pie

I don’t remember how I met this Dark, but it was also a long time ago and we had a lot of fun moments together. For example, we once noticed a ship that was literally called “THE BOAT”. We stopped for a while and started praising it as the greatest boat ever made just because of a name. I wonder what the owner of that boat thought if he heard us.

We both had a fascination with insanity pies. Once I fed him one of my insanity pies and got this guy addicted lol. We started trying to feed insanity pies to nearly every person we could find. And thus, by some random idea (I don’t even remember whose idea or was, we soon formed a team with other people) the Order of The Pie was born. We still tried to feed pies to other people, but with this we started getting people into our Cult of Insanity. It was fun.

Another encounter from my early time in AO was with @AwesomeOS. At least I hope it was him, I clearly remember the nickname (probably lol, it will be so awkward if I’m wrong). Idk if he remembers, but… I was stupid and I was running savant because I knew nothing despite having 90+ hours at the time.
TLDR: I was a vitality savant and got absolutely obliterated by Awesome at Silverhold therefore realizing I had a terrible build and rethinking my life choices.

I don’t know if it can be classified as a nice encounter since it was more neutral, but I will still tell because this is important to me.

Full story of encounter with Awesome

The thing is I got those 90+ hours from WoM. Then I got wrapped up in other stuff and came to AO in April 2023. I was absolutely thrilled since I was waiting for it for a long time. And because I haven’t read anything boferehand, I made the stupidest decision and became a savant. Even worse: a savant with most points in magic and vitality. I could breaky do anything with weapons and absolutely nothing with strength. Probably you see where this is going.

I’m a bad rep main one one beatiful day I came to Silverhold. Little did I know, Awesome was there. I have very little interest in PvP, but if I’m getting involved then I don’t have a choice but to fight and, most of the time, lose.
So we fought. As you can probably understand, I lost.

After the fight Awesome came up to my cell asking what kind of savant I even was. I answered him honestly and he seemed to be surprised since I had a lot of hours. He said something like “you have so many hours, I thought you would be better”. Soon I was left alone to rethink all the choices I made in my life.

Overall Awasome turned out to be a chill guy, so I’m including him here for this reason too. Have some appretiation, mate.

Now onto more recent encounters.

Not real One Piece story

As a bad rep main, I get executed sometimes. And once there was a hero at my execution. It happened before the Nimbus update.

This hero was watching and when it was time for me to say the last words, he was like “come on, say it”. So I take a deep breath and type:

“I’m sorry to break to you, but… One Piece… Is NOT real.”

The guy was like “NOOOOO, IT IS REAL”
Him: “NO”
Me: “YES”

It went on until executioners said “ok enough, you’re stalling for time”. I wanted to keep arguing with that hero guy and was like “WHAT NO WAIT I’M NOT DONE”

Got killed anyways. Was funny to see it in Agora later on.

Samerian Fishing Water Pile Club

Another one was at Sameria. It was the fishing club that I became founder of. I posted it in Arcane Oddities since it was so wholesome.

I was just fishing at Sameria tring to get a Sunken egg. Random people started coming around, there were some background fighting and free spear massage. Some time after we had a whole server just fishing in that pile with me. All these people deserve some appretiation.

Hero got confused by love

This one is very recent. I just hopped back on AO after a month or more-long break to see what new stuff we have. I got on my main and my friend joined me. We were just running around and I was robbing private chests when some random hero came up near us. We hid behind some buildings since we didn’t want to fight anyone. Me and my friend are talking on Russian and that guy noticed it. He wrote something like “now I understand why this is clan of pies”. Me and my friend were messing around a bit, so I interpreted it wrong and answered “yea, we are always trying to fry each other” (my friend uses fire magic so I used it while answering).
He then clarified “no, it’s because you’re russians” and I was like “oh”

That was the end of conversation, but then…

My friend decided it was time for him to leave. I told him that I am thinking about leaving the game too since I felt lazy to do anything. He was like “BROOO, YOU’RE A TRUE BRO” an I was like “BROOOOO”. We started saying how much we love each other for a couple of minutes and then my friend finally left.
That random hero was still around and he probably watched it, because he then confusedly proclaimed “WTH”

Wish I answered him, but he said it right when I hit the quit button :sob:

Bonus: WoM Encounter

As a bonus, I remember one cool encounter in WoM way before AO. It was the time when max level was 90.

I was somewhere on the road of near Whispering Forest, when I randomly met this bad rep person. We looked at each other, realized how alike we look and so we both were like “OMG MY LOST SIBLING!!” Soon we headed together to Summerhold to do some chaos. But little did we know, someone was waiting.

There were two random heroes at the town’s gate. They saw us, we saw them and we stopped. Heros started talking like “oh my god, look at them… They’re villians… And both max level! WE MUST PROTECC!!!”
And so the fight starts.

It was a long fight. I don’t remember who won in the end, but this encounter was really fun and memorable.

I dont think that was me i mained bad rep for 90% of ao playtime

Hmmm, probably. This situation happened a long time ago so, as I said, I can’t be sure.

Even if it wasn’t you you’re still seem to be chill and I’ll give you some appreciation even if we never actually met in game haha

Hol’ up, I remember being on Shell Island and then meeting up these two guys who tried getting me into eating their Insanity Pies… I knew it was sus, but I couldnt eat it anyway since I was not part of their party. They were going about their pies and eating it, it was a really weird encounter… was that you LOL

Lol very well could be, I barely remember anything from Shell Island except fishing there a lot

Do you still want to eat a pie tho