Why Arcane Reborn is bad

I recently gave D3 a try. It turns out, Arcane Reborn still sucks. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The Melee enemies suck. I could write a whole essay about why, but have an abridged version:
    They seem to have been designed without any regard for the game’s mechanics. There is no way to avoid their attacks, other than running away and hoping you kill them before they reach you. This encourages a terrible, immersion breaking playstyle where you poke at them one by one from outside their aggro distance.
  2. The UI is incredibly messy. There are all sorts of buttons which should probably be relegated to menus all over the screen. All of the menu elements interact in ugly ways, overlapping each other. There are also an unreasonable number of slide in and slide out transitions which just slow the game’s pace down and feel gross.
  3. The leveling system is completely broken. This is what happened to my level in the first 10 minutes of gameplay: I enter the game, talk to theos, and boom. Level 8. I attack a crazy wizard and kill them, level 9 and the level up theme is playing over itself now. I finish killing the 5 crazy wizards, level 12 already. I then start spamming punch and boost myself up to level 30 to prepare for the Marua fight. You get the idea.
  4. The bosses are bad. Both Ramses and Marua completely fail to telegraph their attacks. Whether you win or lose basically comes down to chance. Sage is literally just a wizard. Verdies and Theos are a bit better, but they still have ridiculously inflated stats and attacks that don’t clearly communicate how they should be dodged.

Those are the big 4 reasons, but there are a plethora of smaller annoyances as well.


fun fact: you can one shot ramses with a flintlock in d3

yeah, still better than the current version tho

no shit ar is bad

How many of these are from AR and how many of these are just issues carried over from AA? Especially the melee enemy one, that just feels like a bad case of just outdated game design.

  1. D3 is a testing place for AR. I shouldn’t be criticizing AR for issues carried over from a previous update?
  2. Yeah, some of these were present in AA as well, but that’s completely irrelevant. They still should have fixed them.

tf is d3

Arcane Reborn update testing place I think

oh ok

because WoM is a whole lot more immersive with its enemies that stand still for 5 seconds after every action and the mages that constantly spam multi-blasts, right?

WoM ai is ass(Obviously it’s getting improvements in AO judging by him already updating shark ai on trello) but in WoM it’s ass

It’s better. You can actually engage in real fights with them.

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They were fighting? Couldn’t tell from them staying still naked with their legs underground doing nothing against me

(Has happened since the start of WoM up to now, has nothing to do with roblox updates in between, has something to do with how npcs are loaded)

Nor has any fight with any WoM npc felt more realistic than a fight with an AR/constantly running at you npc imo


i think it’s fun


your opinion is invalid

they buffed him

they fire one blast and wait 7 seconds before firing another
way better bro

perfect description of early game

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I just realized how many times that happens to me in WoM

presuming you don’t drop to <5 FPS after getting hit by an attack, that is