Why did morden not just kill calvus with the **death** curse? is he stupid?

still, the power of a curse depends on how much the concept the curse embodies is feared right? shouldnt death curse be one of the strongest??

Lets concider that morden probably got it at like, half the month we we’re missing
so he practicly had 2 weeks, and curses are nutorious to be annoying bastards to handle but he was able to fight off a glass curse user for a long time and win, with some casualties to himself


who the hell told you that

Grand Fire Curses are the strongest and it doesnt take a second to figure out which is more feared, fire or fcking death itself

hell, death magic isnt even death, its just give you really intense withering

I’m pretty sure he just turns to glass while he’s still flying
Aa he turns into glass he still shoots out a trail of glass behind him

Watch the cutscene again and you’ll see that I’m right

Only if Fujimoto made AO

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just did
he literally does not stop moving :skull:

isn’t death magic just highly concentrated shadow magic

that’d be boring

got this from the arcane lore encyclopedia so it might not be canon but at least it’s something

probably yeah, it gives intense withering after all

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I haven’t updated that thing in well over a year, I’d advise not citing it as a source for the time being until I can do some touch-ups.

fair enough

Yeah, either way it seems highly unrealistic that the death curse allows it’s user to kill anybody

i cannot escape this meme even within the AO forum