Why do guns have so few planned skills? 😭


I get that it’s hard to think of ideas for something as simple as a gun, but come on, another 2 skills for each gun type isn’t impossible. I have at least 6 ideas for skills that could fill up those empty spaces on each gun type, it’s very doable. (Not going to share my ideas because that would fall into suggestion territory and I’m not a filthy rule-breaker :nauseated_face:)

I really hope that this is just a placeholder and there will be more skill for these weapons eventually.

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Justice for gun users!

Look at this poor man, he badly wants more skills!
See those tired, betrayed eyes? That’s what happens when you don’t get your full 5 skill package.


guns main ability is their m1.

Have you considered that none of them are a high enough quality to get the rest?

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but the third skills are ults…

Yes, but the thing is that the 3rd skills are listed as Ultimate Arts. The ult is always the final skill for that weapon type, without exception.

true. Forgot how most iron items only have 3 skills max.

what if this is the exception?

That’s fair, but they still aren’t a high quality weapon like the boss weapons which have everything (sunken too).

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I meannn, it could be, but that would be a weird exception. “Gunner’s Agility,” “Sleight of Hand,” “Pistol Trick,” do these really sound like ultimate attacks? Look at other weapon types, they have stuff like “Seismic Rift” and “Python Surge.” The gun ults sound like basic attacks, it feels more like they have “Ultimate Art” slapped on them because there were no other options.

dunno. we just gotta wait to see if there are any changes.

m1s and vetex couldn’t think of anything

its just a placeholder, all other skills are planned but at the time we couldn’t think of enough ideas for guns. by the time 4th and 5th weapon skills are added we will have ideas anyway


Can you consistently hit gun m1s compared to piercing shot/rapid fire

I don’t use guns except on my conjurer because I can’t land hits.

there’s only so many ways you can pull a trigger.

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