Why do pirates exist!

Like when they are done robbing something on LAND they go back on there boats and go where .-. the 3 islands, they are already inhabited and are so far away.

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They were most likely intrested in those Vistarian merchant vessel

Pirate are similar to bandit but on sea

and they will most likely stay at a shore where not many people would come and find them


they likely are raiding convoys from iron port to other port places and what not as they leave or approach and loot whatever they find

They don’t live on the boat for ever lol

Boats are pretty much the only way to travel in WoM and also the main way to transport merchandise so…

some pirates can and do live on ships plus they can just go on land rq get some animal or fruit and just leave and make the council go after them or hire mercenaries to go after them so they can enforce stuff on the continent. and it isn’t too hard to lose someone out at sea

then why is it a bad idea to add boats

Because it’s barely useful to us players if we aren’t merchants. We are explorers of the land
And even then, “merchant” players can just send trade requests around the entire region and use the forum so…

lack of need when you’re a wizard that can fly across magius possibly faster than a boat and what Wap said

and we cant become merchants? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what makes u so sure merchant profession will not be added?

Not the cargo carrying merchants, you already got an infinite inventory and can literally fly with it since you are a wizard

,who said vetex won’t make it able so we can explore the other seas, not every sea got destroyed

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ok so… because i have infinite inventory space i cannot become a merchant

I mean, if there’s somehow some kind of merchant job which basically turn the game into tradeland, well first we would obviously get other jobs first then adding boats would make more sense. However, it would still be limited to the coastal areas which is obviously not worth adding unless the map is changed.

Look I’m not against adding boats at all, I only think it’s totally useless with the current plans. If there’s a reason to add them later, sure why not

i mean we can visit the other seas but like no one really lives there except uncommunicated tribes or some sort and unless storyline leads us to leave magius for some reason. otherwise there isn’t really much reason to go to the other seas.

would it be neat to see them again? yes but there really isn’t much a reason to do so unless said otherwise from storyline (would be rather neat tho)

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Just because it is only to limited to coastal area doesn’t make it not work adding. I think adding jobs, jobs are a good idea.

Visiting other seas will have to be added and will be a nice touch to the lore knowing we can go more in-depth, and actually be there and we might be able to get some sea curses and might even see the other 11 unknowns, so i can’t really see why that wouldn’t be an update knowing the unknowns are a big part of the lore and we will have to visit them at some point.

That’s not happening.


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I wanna see daddy unknown >:c