Why do so many people want headless?

Like genuinely I’ve gotten several trades asking for headless, is it just because it’s rare? cause the actual accessory is boring and dumb by itself.

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Now give me your headless :nod:

because it’s limited and some people think it looks cool

no fuck you if it’s rare and expensive then I’m going to keep it to piss people off that some random that hates the accessory has it and not them because they want it.

I MUST have it to make people mad for fun, if it’s rare and expensive and wanted.


very rare in woms and the communitys dead state rn, increasing in price pretty rapidly the past half a year, and the only unique accessory in wom rn (it removes a body part, no other accessory does that)

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What if I gave you a bunch of sunkens :nod:

Lets be real nobody cares about that :sob:
Kinda sad that headlesses are more useful for trading than for vanity

some people do, mrfart

but ys the majority want it cuz of the value not 4 vanity

Omg 0.0000000001% of the community wants it for that reason!!!12358<=8&>=,[€*×92

nahhh theres actually a fair amount of people ive met that want the headless for vanity

I mean it can make you look alright depending on your accessories, though I personally dislike it

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ur dutch

Ur egyptian





true bias