Why does everyone hate conjurer

I’ve never played him before can you guys fill me in

as a conjurer myself, absolutely no clue
idk if i’ve ever even seen anyone say that conj is hated but ill take your word for it cuz these are the AO forums, i barely ever know what’s happening anyways

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I’d assume its probably because it takes some muscle memory to be able to effectively swap between magic and weapons which can throw some people off

(there’s some secret tech I’ve been workin on tryna figure out how to projectile spam as conj)

I just kinda switch between em whenever, people actually develop muscle memory for this?

well then there is a neat trick id like to share with you conjurer haters out there (get good)

no one hates conjurer

okay so as a bit of a pixel gun 3d nerd I’m gonna sound a bit schizo but

weapons, when you swap to them usually, seem to have “input delay”

they have an animation as you pull them out.

magic, does not have any delay mechanics as it casts instantly

but what’s interesting about some magic spells is that they actually seem to almost entirely cancel out the delay of weapons

the type of weapons you swap to is also a factor here.

for example, a simple weapon combo you can pull off is:

T jump → piercing gale → magic beam → magic leap → flash strike/flying slash → reflex → magic blast

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As a conjurer supporter I agree with this message

just train up bro ez

as a conjurer, i don’t hate you either

they don’t

unless it’s me :cry:

-conjurer boss is the most hated one
-never has been in the meta
-will be forgotten until arcanium weapons
-not even vetex remembers this
-‘‘weaksauce conjurer vs chad berserker’’
-overall just bad

Hello there
Lonjurers are not ready for the warden (oracle) sweep


you aren’t real lol



yea :pensive:

dumbass who punches things because they’re too slow to figure out anything else VS dignified smart studious one who’s learned weapon arts and magical arts

(both of them still get swept by oracle ngl)



Imo, magic and imbues kinda carry Conjurer but then again that is literally its gimmick

You could say the same for warlord

Magic is literally half the build. That, as Mryes put it, is like saying weapons carry Warlords.


basic ahh build anime protag ig

i personally still like it tho, basic sure but it looks cool ( the 0.775 on wind and light is a pain tho )