Why does everyone hate conjurer

shura is not a conjurer he just imbued his sword with acid

bait used to be believable

i just got bored of using it

you can literally see him use conjurer awakening in the cutscene before the fight bait used to be believable

bait used to be believable

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he isn’t a conjurer, he just is a conjurer smh my head

errrrr that’s just a gameplay thing anyone with magic can imbue their weapons

“shura is not a conjurer he just uses the conjurer awakening”
he uses magic and a weapon and even imbues his magic onto his weapon and ur telling me he’s not a conjurer?

bro skipped the sentence abov

u mean this?
a conjurer is just someone who uses magic and weapons
shura uses magic and weapons
he is a conjurer

if he isn’t then please enlighten me on what he is

marina also conjurer and her fight is annoying, she have two move that make her invincible (the wave tentacle and aura thing)

he’s a savant cuz he’s verrrry strong and chr0malux told me you need 100 str to wield his katana

No way 3 cat spam in ao

magic imbued NOTIK how do we feel about this

i was a warrior guy since day 1. i decided to try out a different build, tried conjurer, played it for a bit. It got really boring. went back to warrior, realised how much more SUPERIOR and how much more REFINED warrior is.

to put it simply, warrior has and always will be the best build in the game. If you use this build, you have a very fine taste. I know it sounds like glazing warrior, and thats because i am.

if you switched over to warrior to use triasta + atlantean cutlass + sunken staff combo. Then im sorry, but you’re a bumbling buffoon

I’m assuming your third weapon is ravenna war shield then
I didn’t go for that bc I use boxing (and it looks terrible)

-open warrior

-look inside

-only good weapons are mostly build exclusives with braindead moves



water sailor lightning

lightning conjurer is goateddddddddddd

Except for that one sea league fight