Why does the WoM reddit even exist?

Please someone tell me why the reddit exists its very cringe.

I joined like a week ago and people are already being toxic as hell.

“wom wiki is just degenerate casuals who whine when people are slightly toxic”

"forums are just artists like farming and 13yr olds posting degenerate shit "

Only post things related to WoM.
Cringe rule

No trading on the server.
Trade exists in WoM/AO

No guild advertising on the subreddit.
Why guilds are a main feature

Do not promote your channel in any way without it getting approved from a mod.
people post videos all the time.

Respect People.

you say that when the reddit is hell

IDK, the forums are superior in format, and have more people

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very true

it also has some pretty dumb rules

Not disagreeing with you, but those rules could most likely have some decent reasoning behind them.

It’s a WoM Subreddit, tolerance for off-topic posts is not very common among Discourse or Reddit Communities I’ve been in, the only reason you’re complaining about it is because a large majority of the posts you make are usually off-topic, which I myself have no problem with, it’s just the tolerance for it is simply something this community is somewhat lucky to have, as it allows for more friendliness and community sense.

I may have to go back on my initial word that I don’t disagree with you, this rule makes utter perfect sense, if you’re lazy enough to not have muted #marketplace when WoM had a much larger player count, you probably would’ve gotten annoyed that there was such a large capacity of trading messages daily, almost flooding forums to some extent, which could’ve annoyed some users, fortunately for us, we can silence topics on our own accord if we deem no interest in them, but I’m pretty sure you cannot do that on Reddit. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve barely used the site in comparison to other Social Media)

Same reason as for Rule 2, I don’t think I need to go into any more detail, just reread what is above.

This would sort of tie in to my criticism about your attitudes towards these rules, but if advertising we’re allowed on this Subreddit, imagine the amount of users constantly advertising their own media to do with WoM, hell, maybe not even WoM, it would flood the subreddit to such an extent that it’d be almost unbearable. The approval from somesort of authority on that rule is also perfectly reasonable, as it would allow for a steady rate of advertisement when deemed necessary.

Common stereotype which most individuals would deem to fit with reddit, well, what if I told you thatthe majority of a community does not speak for the minority, and that not every single person on one platform is deemed to be the same. It’s the same case here, you can have people who will not respect people (although moderation usually takes these actions into account more than most reddit moderators would, due to a much older target audience on that application), and those who most likely would, it’s basic human nature.

TL:DR: You’re misunderstanding the point of the regulations in place. (my long essays solo your verse)

Alright but people are already calling me retards there.

if you’re complaining about its existence and getting insulted why are you on it

Cause i wanted to see how toxic it is.

did you post some shit about politics or countryhumans by chance?


I asked why the forums and wiki are better

they said both are retarded

are you the forums and wiki?

yeah, the wiki is the only other good spot other than the forums so basically yes

so you are the physical embodiment of the forums and wiki? how does insulting a platform you use make the insult directed to you please help i dont understand??

I rarely use reddit i only joined to ask some stuff on the WoM reddit.

that doesnt answer my question but alr then

Na, Adiris is just straight up lying and I’d say acting but I know he’s a literally child(the redditor’s comment must’ve been very related to him).

Man called someone braindead, and then when they called him retarded back, he forgor his main Reddit account, made a new one just to reply and call him a retard

His post:


big funni cause im braindead

I like how the upvote button is fire magic and the downvote is water magic on the Reddit.