Why I think magic is the most boring form of combat in ao

Magic compared to weapons or even the concept of fighting styles is just incredibly dull. Unlike weapons, you can’t experiment with different weapon types, and in general, have less interesting skills than the preset weapon skills. With fighting styles, each one is unique and changes up the abilities. The only advantage magic has is synergies, and most of them are pretty boring. Additionally, the magic customization is just not all that game-changing. So yeah

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based opinion

but but
flashy attacks


when awakening comes you can choose 2 magics and within those 2 magics you can make creatable skills

magic has visuals
others have actual cool stuff

maybe when lost spells happen something interesting will happen to magics


Isn’t that not till like level 150

Full mage builds don’t get lost/ancient magics until level 300 lmao (I think because you need 600 magic power for lost/ancient magics)

he said spells you dumbass


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then again i really don’t wanna play M1 simulator with weapons

Magic will shine in late game i belive…
5 magics, 5 different status effects, 40 different spells of all kinds, not only offense ones.

you will shut up… NOW!


you do have a bit of a point but lost spells exist bro also yeah i agree the customization can be a bit better i like deepwokens speel costumization

wym 40 different spells?

WHile you were waiting for a decade to charge your blast I closed the gap with my funny sword and proceeded to shank your dumb ass.



while you proceeded to unsheathe your humongous ass sword and THEN cast a weapon skill, i pulled a 4 blast

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Tell me again that magic combat will be boring

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i would agree however infeno

meteor spell :sheep:

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