Why Iris is the hardest boss

So basically, you may have thought the Iris fight was the easiest in the game (even easier than Shura). But in truth, Iris is the hardest boss in the game.

You see, Shura is a boss you fight before Iris, so logically he must be weaker. This means Iris > Shura.

Lady Carina commits death upon her defeat, so logically, she must be weaker than Iris, who doesn’t die. Iris > Lady Carina.

Cernyx is so much weaker than Iris that he took hold of an island with no one living on it, while Iris melted an iceberg. Cernyx couldn’t do that, so Iris > Cernyx.

Argos is old. Iris is young. Iris > Argos.

Lady Carina & Argos are both bosses that are a higher level/at later progression than Lord Elius, yet Iris is proven to be harder than both. By that we can deduce that Iris is also stronger than Elius. Iris > Elius.

Now, you may be thinking, “sure, Iris may be stronger than those guys, but how is Iris stronger than Calvus?” Well, to that I say, Iris keeps all her clothes except a bracelet when she dies, while Calvus is striped away of everything. Clearly, Iris is more resistant.

Hopefully this helps you see the true hardest boss of Arcane Odyssey. Iris solos


you killed Elius didn’t you

Surprisingly let him live, although I was torn apart on what to do

i just saved him… my friend on the other hand…

by this logic isnt prince revon the strongest?

No he is family of Calvus, and Calvus < Iris, so obviously Revon is equal level of Calvus. Also Anomaly > Prince, just like Homeless People > Kim Kardashian and CaptainCat > SailorDog

I love powerscaling

I think this guy was the only person to die to iris

Iris literally hardest boss, she can beat your ass at level 1,000, you’re just afraid to say it

Heh, more ‘resistant’

Me who had more hp and did more damage than her when i fought her (i hate vitality):

gives me a very uncomfortable image in my mind