Why is earth so bad

yep you’re jokng

Bid base impact damage

Also you said synergies are irrelevant until AO so its effect is dogwater

Are we talking about rn, or the future, pick.

Im saying its the worst rn…meaning its not gonna be good until the future honestly what are you even on about

I mentioned rain, dumbass.

Did you?

Also hey no pottymouth you stinky winky crinkly prinkky

Yes, yes he did

You said wood is better rn because of synergies.

Then you said it’s better in the future because of synergies and not rn.

YO what the actual fuck are you talking about when the actual fuck did I say “wood is better rn” I said “wood excels at synergies” the fucking what the fucking…holy fucking shit man…just say something that makes sense to me

You replied with this to

I said wood is worse rn, you said it excels in synergies which makes it sound like you’re saying it’s better because of synergies rn.

the fucking what the fucking

Always asking what the actual fuck, when the actual fuck, but never how’s the actual fuck

Yes the fucking what the fucking

Actually it’s 0.98 :100: :fire: :sunglasses:


Did you account for plasma becoming 1.2 speed?
I might’ve gotten it wrong tho

I’m referring to WoM not AO, Sand is actually 0.95x speed not 0.9x

Or at least it should be since we can see stats now but I swear from my own measurements it felt like less, maybe it got a stealth-change but I can’t see why.


Feels like this is a candidate for Epic Forum Quotables imo

yeah earth is so bad

shitty planet
i wish i lived on mars

Its just metal but weaker with no unique properties :yawning_face:

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