Why is isekai so bad?

I could write something better than that hot garbage that they call a “story”

Then do it

isekai just tends to be harems
except the actually good ones

Re: Zero has a pretty good story, I dunno.


Hehe, I love re zero. I feel bad for my man Subaru.


A lot of stories are bad but a lot are good just like any other genre, only reason isekai is picked out is because it’s the most common at this point.

I wouldn’t call Re:Zero an isekai because he doesn’t get ran over by a truck or something

Well, it’s technically still part of the sub genre. Since ya know, being sent to a new universe and all that jazz.

The person doesn’t need to die for it to be called an isekai

I know but that’s pretty much one of the base requirements because of like 99% of all isekai protagonists being ran over or dying to a car.

Isekai literally translates to “another world” in Japanese. Not “die and go to another world”


That’s not a requirement at all

Isekai is so bad cause 90% of the time it’s just reused cliches instead of trying something new with the genre. Ironic that jobless reincarnation is a breath of fresh air to the isekai genre when it was one of the first.

I know but it’s dumb that it’s so common

Spot on, not to mention the fact that a lot of the reused cliches are blatant wish-fulfillment: an MC with basically no personality for self-inserting, some cheat/OP power that they were granted, and of course the harems

Bruh this is why I loved grimgar of fantasy ash so much I’m tired of seeing your op mc with generic tropes which tbh I feel like the author’s aren’t really putting any effort in the story if it’s an average isekai which is pretty bad. Jobless reincarnation is so enjoyable to watch which I feel like it’s watching dragon ball introduce your average shonen troupes.

I think the only isekai I’ve watched is…


Only isekai i’ve watched so far is shield hero (not finished) But I think it’s good so far. However, I don’t really have enough knowledge on this to give a good answer.

But there is definitely a pattern. At least ONE of these is true

  • Harem romance that usually goes nowhere

  • MC is male who either gets op asf or stays weak asf

  • MC is transferred to new world (obvs)

  • After bonding with everyone, MC may start to have second thoughts about going back home (or literally can’t go home)

Actually of all the isekai I’ve seen only two have even thought about going home which is
Naofumi and kazuma.

As for the harem that really annoys me if it doesn’t end up going some were tbh

You also forgot the cliche I gotta defeat the demon lord

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