Why isn't AO as famous as AA?

I doubt one-handed casting will ever be coming back since as you mentioned we have the ability to choose casting styles now. But I could defiantly see overlapping circles coming back for the later tiers

Only with like 2 casting styles and ultimate arts. I want them to be on every spell.

I also liked the part where charging your magic also had a visual to show that it was more powerful. Literally just the character saying the name of the spell in all capitals made the attack feel much more powerful.
(I’m not sure if I remember correctly but didn’t charging up attacks make the magic circle become bigger as well?)

We should really stop seeing ourselves as intellectually superior people for knowing about and having played Arcane Odyssey. I know a few people who played Blox Fruits and similar games, they aren’t any less intelligent than you and they could definitely comprehend the “complex” and “different” story and gameplay of Arcane Odyssey.

While it’s true that numbers speak for themselves and I’m probably talking about a small percentage while the others take up the rest, it still stands as a fact and I hate it when people underestimate a majority when there are always exceptions.

With that being said, I believe the reason for this is the community. At release it really spiked, but a lot of people (including me) didn’t stick around the game for that much because of the people that play the game. A lot of the people I’ve spoken to have that “don’t like it don’t play it” mindset and it’s something that really pushes away new players or people wanting to stick around the game

And no, I don’t think they leave because they don’t like the game but they leave because of the people telling them that.

So yea, ao has a lot of potential but it just needs more time to sink in and get more updates

It has a good chance to be one of the most popular rpgs on roblox if it ever finishes completely


Biggest problem with the Dark Sea is that it’s just far too “stressful”

Few things more demotivating than heading back with 30+ chests and then getting jumped by 3 Atlantean brigs

And if you just play it safe the rewards are usually dogshit

my theory is that AA was really advanced for its time, and AO… isnt as much
during 2016-2017 one of the best games was natural disaster survival and that was really simple

now in our current time AO is flashy, but there are games with better ‘quality’/‘graphics’

Not that I feel superior or anything but I do think the game is WAY more complex than blox fruits which is just straight and has a single objective and that objective is way more simple than arcane oddysey’s exploration, quests, overall combat system etc. Of course, not every blox fruits player will have trouble playing AO actually every blox fruits player won’t have trouble at all but they surely will find it way more complex than just bandit beating until level 2000.


you forgot about the part where AO’s npcs are actually somewhat challenging
and the part where stuns basically don’t exist so they can’t use their little one-shot combos
and the part where the entire movement system is different
and the part where you can’t just throw money at the problem

If a blox fruits player wanted to have the easiest time playing AO, they’d have to choose knight. They get a bunch of weapons with only 2 skills (they really like that for some reason) and they get health (it reminds them of the buddha fruit).
Then they just have to do the Frostmill ice mines quest for 2 months to get to max lvl.

The moral of the story is: Blox fruits and AO aren’t really comparable, since AO is just so much better in what it is supposed to be, but children like playing blox fruits because they can have minimal skill and still bully people by just throwing money and time at the game. Blox fruits is more popular due to appealing more to children, which is the main audience on the platform, and then exploiting them to make a profit selling p2w items and the occasional gambling items. (literally the enchantment scrolls from one of the last updates)

(I actually despise Blox fruits with my whole being. It’s just become a gambling simulator with devs that lie about updates (they promise certain things for the next update, fail to deliver; repeat))

I honestly sort of feel bad for those players. They really deserve better than this.

ok you’re kinda right

70k players on AO’s release is a lot I dont think people wouldve easily forgotten AO even after shortly playing it. I’d say it actually has a big influence despite current “low” numbers (which I would also say isnt actually low for a game of its genre, sustaining 1.3k players after a year is actually impressive)

I played AA when I was 10-11, it was in beta. And since I was new to gaming, AA was pretty much a whole new level back then, I wasnt exactly ready to handle then. I didnt hate the game, I just realised it wasnt for me. I still respected it, and was even happy when I saw it in 2018 doing well on the game page.

I’d imagine it mightve been the same for some of the players who got a try of it. Some may have been were irrational haters, or some just decided to wait for more content and only then would they come back. (I think that was supposed to be my plan for AA but it didnt happen :sweat_smile:)

I mean, 12k people played AO during Dark Sea release. That means AT LEAST 12k people were actually tuning in to Arcane Odyssey’s updates. And I think more people might tune in once the story update comes out, because that mightve been what got them interested in the first place.

You know… there was a video on “7 Virtues as Roblox Developers” and Vetex happened to be on the list. You know what happened? Four of the top comments in the comment section with the most likes only talk about Vetex. I kid you not, search it up :joy:

AO might actually have had a bigger impact on Roblox than at first glance, just that most of its “fans” arent really too active in the game itself, and may have been waiting by playing other stuff. I mean, I havent played it in a while, myself, Im sure theres others here too lol

there’s a lot of factors for why the game isn’t as ‘‘famous’’
whoops let me remove that

Blox fruits has 500k on average

ya uh it’s the whole situtation with recent AAA titles