Why prodigy build will suck IMO

  1. its the weakest of all the other stat builds in stats. Let me explain

You’ll get 2 stat points when you level up, and the level cap at end game will be 1,000. the easy calculation of 2 x 1,000 gives you 2,000 stat points to spend at end game. This means full stat builds will have 2,000 points in 1 category, hybrid builds will have 1,000 in two categories, and prodigy will have 500 in all categories. It doesn’t take einstein to see that 500 is much smaller than the stats of other builds.

  1. You’ll have to juggle around a lot.

Prodigy only has stat points in all things, meaning at end game you’ll have to juggle around magics, fighting styles, and weapons, not to mention other things such as lost and ancient magics along with tools like torches or fishing rods. This means by endgame you’ll have your entire bar for attacking or tools filled, which may make it easy to slip up.

And before someone goes and says “HoW aBoUt YoU tAkE oUt SoMeThInG lIkE mAgIc” Thats essentially the point of other stat builds. If you’re gonna make this argument why are you doing it with prodigy?


It’s also just a boring choice.

yeah basically

I mean with prodigy you’re essentially being a jack of all trades master of none

Prodigy? more like


vetex did say for the second magic quest portion all classes would get smth special since weapon/str users don’t really need a 2nd mind. we yet see what the other classes are getting but likely big enough where they stand out and viable in their own way.

warden especially since it nothing but extra hp. it has to have something going for it and savant likely will follow so with smth that stands out

maybe but seeing how aa and ar having 3 magics, 3 weapons, rods and pots it hardly would be an issue. just gotta get used to it and isn’t too complex

I still don’t get this joke

Well technically, the word Prodigy is a math kind of game for kids or some shit
(I will not post the game link due to rule something something)

btw its called savant not prodigy.

I predict the only good builds will be the ones that go all out on one offensive stat (like Mage, Berserker, or Warrior) or ones that mix an offensive stat with Vitality, (like Paladin, Juggernaut, or Knight). I don’t see having 2 modes of attack being useful as both would be half as powerful as investing it all in one.

Maybe other builds will be useful if given some other special thing, like Conjurers being able to use magic weapons and warlords getting that weird fighting style + weapon thing.

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LMAOOOOOOOO it do be that

it was renamed to savant but i stick to prodigy

there are going to be unique interactions between the combat styles e.g. a weapon skill affected by a fighting style.
savant users will have a wide and versatile kit, i imagine that their combo potentials may make up for their lack of concentration in a specific combat style - because even though it’s safe to assume it won’t be a viable build it would be neat if it is

Considering warlock will be able to put magic in fighting styles or warlord being able to put fighting styles on weapons i think all of the builds (other than prodigy lmfao) will be useful

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which comes to my third point that prodigy has no special ability said yet

by special ability i mean like how warlock can have fighting styles with magic. Until given a special ability prodigy is the weakest out of all of the stat builds

Savants can be 3 stat builds too…


i mean you say that, but i know people who play characters like these for fun.

… but yeah, at level 100 you’d only really be able to put 50 into everything as a savant so i’m not sure it’ll be all that useful honestly.

well-- ok well shit

If you’re doing it for shits and giggles sure but if you’re genuinely doing it as of PvP its gonna be so hard to do damage

Not to mention literally any other attack stat build outdamages prodigy

i mean i guess it might kind of work if you just don’t build into vitality at all. that’s 0,75,75,75. doesn’t sound too bad, i guess.

… not great, but, y’know

Savants and Wardens are what I feel are by far the 2 worst builds of them all. Yeah warden gets +6 extra hp as of now, but at what cost? The other stats will gain more power and eventual skills so the extra 6 hp becomes effectively useless, and then the Savants don’t get much of anything. Conjurers will get the best in the magic weapon department, (which gives high variety to the spell department, not to mention plain ol slashing) and warlocks get the fabulous thing known as magical fist-fighting. Just watch as I have all the fun in the world with a combination light magic, (and other magic too) Intensity, Agility, and Attack Speed (though that one probably has no effect on mere punches/kicking and slashing but whatever there’s something known as plain ol magic anyways) with the thing known as Flash Fists. (The only fighting style that I will ever get and use (at least, with the current fighting styles planned but I will probably use only exclusively Flash Fists anyway)).