Why use the AA beta player for generation 2?

:white_small_square: Generation 2 (Arcane Adventures - Beta Player 2016-2017)

Why though? Why use the beta player badge instead of using the ‘Welcome to Arcane Adventures’ badge?

Uh i dunno, honestly for a quality of life thing the “Welcome to Arcane Odyssey” badge is probably better.

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Because you can still get the welcome to aa badge


the badge is still obtainable and it’s too late to make it unobtainable

Isn’t there a way for Vetex to see who got the AA welcome badge before now so that they don’t fake for 2nd gen? Not like it’s a big deal, generations aren’t game changing. I would be 3rd anyway sooo…

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There probably is a way but it would probably be too much work. Imagine if he had to put all those names down of people who played before the date of aa becoming broken. That would be so much work for something so little

(Im not a developer so idk if thats actually how you see the dates of people obtaining a badge but this is how i would imagine it to be)

why doesn’t he just set the requirements for gen 2 being having played AA? if it’s something so little faking generation won’t do much more than being a bit confusing but no one gets an advantage from it

i don’t clearly remember when AA’s beta was (probably wasn’t there) but I have been for a lot of years on it, it would be nice to have the correct generation for that

I mean he changed it once so he’ll probably change it again :man_shrugging:

That would be unfair to anyone who played wom’s open tests and make that generation useless.

Also i said it was something little for that amount of work he would have to do
Edit: theres people genuinely caring a lot about their generation for flex rights which is imo stupid :man_shrugging:

I get that but it just wouldnt work

cry about it


your mom cry about it


Is anyone else only able to see 4 pages of their badges? I know for a fact that I used to have over 10 pages

same thing here.
tho if youre trying to check if you have the beta player badge then:


If they used the AA welcome badge, practically every person would be gen 2.

Thanks. I thought I had it for sure but turns out I don’t :frcryin: I’m sure I played the game in 2016 though

First, how would it be unfair for people who played WoM open tests? I was looking forward to the tests and I did play the third open test and I’m not bothered by this.

Second, how? It’s not a big problem, maybe people should not cry about it, generations are useless anyway.

And? There has to be a way. Don’t really know how but it should be possible to find a way around it. I just want to, you know, have an older generation, that fits the time I have been playing better…

make up your mind


Yeah, I know the same applies to me, even though my question is if there is a possible way to get through this.

What are you trying to prove anyway? Don’t state things that seem obvious.