Why vetex

Wargaming and Gaijin has more reasonable prices than Gamer Robot

exactly. we have a worse version and you have a better one because you paid money

Would it really matter though? You cant change your armor while in combat in general so im confused on the part where you complained about this:

Elaborating would really help understand your point of view ngl, it isn’t really borderline p2w if it doesnt allow people to easily dominate others in a competitive sense unless you list some scenarios

still a huge quality of life lol.

like just give us 2 or 3 slots for free and then give 50 slots you can buy or some shit.

i’m fine with 2 cuz i would only really need a set for inside/outside the dark sea

Yeah it is but like, what are the chances of constantly changing armors? Casual players which are in the majority rarely change their build and outfit so idk

they don’t change their outfits because they don’t have the goddamn feature. the inventory is just way too slow and finding all the items all the time you wanna change you shit is way too annoying

literally everyone probably would have a dark sea/non dark sea set ATLEAST.

Sort and filter fixes that issue though and inventories load hella fast rn with vetex removing the loading thing which everyone hated

This I can understand but it doesnt take that much time to change into your dark sea set unless you have 50+ of rare armors on all accessory/shirt/pants, which uhhhh majority of the players dont have

absolutely not lol.

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Vetex need that money to feed his family of 20

Casually finds my diving set of 100% air capacity and 200%+ swimming speed using the filter to exotic and enchanted and sorted by highest rarity


I forgot to mention this but I dont have the loadout gamepass (Ignore the fact I bought cute gamepass pls)

I also have a ton of items and even I was glad to see the loadout gamepass being a thing but I realized I could literally just use sort and filter to narrow down my choices to a few, which im assuming the reason why you guys want the loadout gamepass is because you have a lot of items

Like seriously, I dont know how you dont see the sort and filter thing being hella useful in finding your items in a haste

I’d love using the loadout gamepass if it worked.

Every time I join a new server I have to completely rebuild the loadout slots or it just unequips my items.

bro, my ass sort and filters, still has to look a bit because the item could be anywhere and i don’t got eagle eyes, i then have to click on it and then sort and filter for the next piece, also for accessories i first gotta unequip them and then i can equip the other acc’s because if you don’t you just replace the first one. atleast from what i remember.

the loadout thingy is just a MASSIVE quality of life, and is very much an outlier from all the other gamepasses

its a long story but basically i was being actively hunted and i had on some random armor set so i was switching to my combat one. but the inventory is slow as hell even with the sort feature so they got to me before i could put my armor on. so i died

Ah, nice. Now if only I knew where the fuck they put Impel Down so that I could find it without a fucking wiki page

We dont talk about things from a trash bin

northwest of thriller bark.

i have to say idk why impel down ain’t a main menu gamemode thingy

I don’t care enough to wanna play gpo, even WITH the buff to 2ss. I know that no matter what kind of build or what have you that I try to make, I’m gonna get cleaned by some brainless bullshit. Why bother when can spend $200 for skill?

I did not expect to see this image on this forum.

TBH GPO before it became free was still kinda fun but when it was free things went downhill fruits were too easy to get and now has no value compared to pre battle royale GPO and I had to take a few months and 600 robux for Fruit bag to get a good fruit and if I played the game later on I would have got it in 1 month I bet because of the fruit chests you can get

This topic pretty much sums up why GPO sucks