Will mages need to charge magic energy by holding shift or will it be auto?

What I heard is that you need to charge magic energy with shift until first awakening but it keeps me wondering why vetex is showing and making high level magic charges. Will there be a function to make the energy charge faster with shift or what? I need answers

Because I think the auto-charge will be very slow

Likely both. Passive regen will probably be slower than just holding shift and charging



But then it will still be necessary to hold shift during a fight as a mage

For every class, since every class will use energy and be able to charge using shift after the first awakening

yeah no fucking shit magic’s powerful you don’t want 5 year olds with max magic spamming q with no repurcussions

uh… well i havent heard anything about a passive charge, but im not super up to date in the first place

its cool. thats pretty much it.
tiers make spells and other attacks generally stronger and more impressive

vetex said twice now that all builds will get passive energy charging either after 1st awakening or after level 100, i’m not sure which it is cause he’s said both.
But i’m willing to bet its the former.

Unless that means that level 100 is where you get awakening :nod: (most likely not)

it’s at 120

thats whats planned as far as i know

He does say around so it’s possible

that’s a good thing