Will the TGR lose Current WoM players?

Pretend your’re in their shoes. You’re playing World of Magic, and then one day you log on and your on some island? Remember, most of them probably aren’t in the server, so they have no clue about what just happened. If it were me in that situation, I’d probably leave. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

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Well it depends. Vetex will probably add a notice explaining tgr so some might stay if they think it’s for the better.

Well, the description does state that there’ll be a total game revamp and vetex would use the update notifier feature and DevForum to let players that don’t have Discord or knowledge of the WoM (AO) Forum that TGR was released. You are also met with a message in-game about the game revamp as well.

We’ll probably lose a small handful of players but nothing major

Probably, considering that TGR is going to get rid of a lot of gameplay mechanics that made the game unique (example: dynamic npcs, a single fully explorable landmass, both of the bosses). This really stings for players (including myself) who haven’t played AA, as we don’t know whether or not this is a good direction or not, but it most likely isn’t going to drive us away (unless vetex really screws up).

I myself haven’t really played AA (I was one of those people who played it once for like 5 minutes and never played it again), but from all I’ve heard and read about it I’m looking forward to AO being its real sequel.

nah i’d be like


eh, I’ll remain a skeptic until it proves its worth to me (and I really hope it will).

this revamp is supposed to bring the AA/AL:R/and AR players to return to the true sequel that they wanted. But that’s just my speculation

My view? We will clearly lose some players of WoM, but bring lots of new players in, especially since AO will be mobile-compatible and lots of the roblox playerbase is mobile. Being an AA player myself, I really liked the island and sailing mechanic, but NOT when my ship was destroyed and I had to scavenge around for money to fix it while being stranded on an island.

pretty much

Considering they probably won’t miss the big [REVAMP] next to the games name, and will definetely notice the icon and title images, they figure that something major changed.

From there I think most if not all of the current players will definetely enter the game, and then see if they like it how it is then.

Nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, but imo we will gain more players than we will lose thanks to mobile compatibility and other things.

If I wasn’t an OG I would be confused to, but there will be a notice in the game when AO drops that the game changed, the tgr details are also in the games description.

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Says that Vetex has like most of your comments (lucky) but it’s dependable

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I mean Vetex can just put it a note in the tutorial saying that the game has been revamped and there are changes to the entire game.

Same mate

I’m just worried for the people who never realized that AO is revamped WoM and essentially quit due to confusion

Yeah, that’s the point I’m making.

they probably favorited it or it could be in their recently played and they could go see what the game was about since they likely don’t know what it was and see what it was about again

To help. maybe vetex could keep the name WoM for the days following the update, or do something like “WoM/AO”