Will you press it?

  • yeah
  • no

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I’d punt this kid for much less than a billion so sure

How can I fight a blackhole

You don’t :niceguy:

it’s just a minecraft twat lol OF COURSE, but

… he has an auto aim eye BUT IT’S JUST A FISTICUFFS FIGHT

I’m going to get sucked in my own whirlpool

maybe make this your pfp :troll:

When did you find that

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Grrrr :explosion_magic:

You’re kinda screwed.


Minecraft version of Minotaur

Eh, water bucket my pfp

I’m dead

  1. A billion dollars will get boring after a while
  2. I cannot win a fight against onetwo people both with magic… it would be plain stupid to even try without preparation.

Therefore, it would likely be a no

you didn’t specify what kind of fight so i may have some luck fighting against kds on uno card game


My PFP is named Salem and is immortal

go big or go home

Tell me what chance I have against fire

Use water to splash it down

Now help me with my blackhole

Just dodge the fireball that comes out of it and it should uncast itself away